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A quick plug for writer, Joanne Black.

While we eagerly await the third series of this cult supernatural drama starring Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow, this new book examines all the characters, episodes and plots from the first two series. The mythology behind the series is also explored as are the locations and the birth of the show back in 2008. The book is illustrated throughout by Chris Wreford.

Being Human, created for BBC Three by Toby Whithouse, puts the supernatural firmly into the everyday world.

That cute, geeky hospital porter? A werewolf.
A flash of a sunny smile and some grey leggings? A ghost.
The dark-eyed Irish guy at the bar? A vampire.

George (Russell Tovey), Annie (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) live in a pink house in Bristol and all they want is to be normal, to fit in - to be human.

After a successful pilot in 2008, a full series of Being Human was commissioned and shown in 2009, with a second series following in 2010. The pilot gained an enthusiastic and vocal online fanbase - a community that grew and grew throughout the series, helping to give BBC Three one of its most successful programmes.

As well as reviewing each episode from the first two series in detail, Joanne Black's book looks at the birth of the show and profiles the characters and the mythology behind them. Not forgetting - of course - the plots, the themes, the darkness and the humour, in fact just about everything that being human really means.

An affectionate, humorous, and occasionally slightly sarcastic, exploration of the world of Being Human. A must for all fans of the series.

The book is published 6th December 2010 and the full press release is now available here. Please feel free to download and promote the book via your websites and blogs.

Open publication - Free publishing - More joanne black

You can order direct from the publishers Classic TV Press at the discounted price of £12.49 and get that delivered straight to your door cheaper and faster. It is also available via Amazon.


More on the BH book

16-11-2010 notware: Ooh New BH book :BEING HUMAN: unofficial and unauthorised by Joanne Black.See @AWOLTom Blog @russelltovey.

Too many Twits on Twitter

15-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: There are so many tweets that don't get through to @russelltovey because people spell his name with too many or too few L's and S's

15-11-2010 b3n_ifit: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey R-U-S-S-E-L-L T-O-V-E-Y...right :D

The movie social network

15-11-2010 Russelltovey: Ok so The Socail Network is pretty bloody brilliant isn't it? Just trying to think of new dot.coms, any ideas?? X

15-11-2010 MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Not as brilliant as you my twin x

15-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey http:///www.BigEarsNetwork.Com

16-11-2010 kinkyclawz: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Ahh but Russell's aren't big ears, Tom. They're just adorable sticky-outy ones. *grinz with happy mental images*

15-11-2010 Cocokania: @russelltovey after that construction of SOCAIL haha

15-11-2010 LiamMBudd: Oh @russelltovey I find it endearing that you can't spell social x

15-11-2010 bailadora: @russelltovey So I wasn't the only one trying to think of ways to make 65 billion when I came out of the cinema on Saturday night.

15-11-2010 DrakesMakes: @russelltovey To make a movie out of? Like Twitter - the movie? If you want to be real, I bet there was drama making eBay or Amazon.

15-11-2010 Lionesskeeper: @russelltovey It is awesome ^_^

15-11-2010 Berkshireblade: @russelltovey could do with a make over tbh

15-11-2010 kimmbass: @russelltovey, ;)

15-11-2010 UsernameNotHere: @russelltovey

15-11-2010 pauldavidjones: @russelltovey

15-11-2010 remmonds: @russelltovey

15-11-2010 GalileoGal67: @russelltovey How about Snailbook? Where we go back to the good ol' days & actually handwrite letters? No ...wait, that's not a dot com. Tsk

15-11-2010 flappyduck: @russelltovey shiiieet. I tried to come up with ideas but I have none. Nothing. Lew_xx: @russelltovey! ;) you likey??? xxxxx

15-11-2010 DavidBedwell: @russelltovey .. let's be honest, it's a business in itself.

15-11-2010 Mossbird: @russelltovey Host a twitter quiz with an entry fee. First to get question right gets a point. Rewards intelligent typing!

15-11-2010 HRWright: @DannyBlahBlah @russelltovey Or indeed, in homage to the first episodes of Being Human,

15-11-2010 JoeTaylorLand: @russelltovey yup, but not telling you ;)

15-11-2010 sophoife: @russelltovey ;)

15-11-2010 imjustanerd: @mmm_gash if that was I'd totally agree with you. :P @russelltovey

15-11-2010 Scase86‎: @russelltovey russel tovey is a god I think this is apt :) xx

15-11-2010 Woofshoe: @russelltovey Try http:///

15-11-2010 DannyBlahBlah: @HRWright @russelltovey I'd rather

15-11-2010 SparklyB: @russelltovey If I did, I'm not likely to share ;) x

15-11-2010 SontaranC: @russelltovey

15-11-2010 Nickbassett1981: @russelltovey Could be hot robots. Or a replacement rear of the year? Place for people with fit butts to convene?:)

15-11-2010 HRWright: @russelltovey Well is one I'd subscribe to in a heartbeat ;-)

15-11-2010 GiasGirl: @russelltovey I wanna watch it, but I don't have Facebook, will that diminish my experience of the movie?

15-11-2010 markhitch: @russelltovey I've heard SOCIAL network is good too

15-11-2010 thirsbymatt: @russelltovey New dot.coms? - What are you planning on it being?

15-11-2010 K8JohnsonAuthor: @russelltovey It's many kinds of brilliant. Shortly I will be inventing the Mashed Face Book. Want in on it? We'll be mill--no, BILLIONAIRES

15-11-2010 Chrislove1: @russelltovey but sounds familiar lol

And then more networking

16-11-2010 chrisburton18: @russelltovey hey I’m at uni and I’ve been pretty down lately :( i like seeing you on twitter though :) cheers me up, i want to be like u :) X

16-11-2010 robbieanthony87: its 1 o’clock in the morning and i have him and her on lol love this show @russelltovey is my fav :D

16-11-2010 lisaboconnor: @russelltovey how about a new series of him and her! I love it so much!

16-11-2010 shortymcsquare: @russelltovey when are u coming back as George????? I’m missing him so much

Above: Mr Stevie Webb (Stephen Fry's other half) is currently working on the Christmas pantomime Dick Whittington. He was a bit down and tweeted on Twitter that he was "feeling used" then he withdrew it and sent out the above tweet. Matthew Cain sent back a very poignant reply. I placed their Twitter exchange here because I hope people will see how in all relationships someone usually has to sublimate their feelings at times but Matt comes home to someone who loves him unconditionally - Nelly his Russian Blue.

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