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Above & Below: Russell Tovey at press night for The Hurly Burly Show at the Garrick Theatre on March 11, 2011 in London, England.


Below: Press play for a small glimpse of the Kazoo World record at Albert Hall 14-3-2011. This small iPhone video is courtesy of Charlie Condou. Watch and you’ll see Boyd Hilton, Russell Tovey, David Tennant, Hugh Bonneville and Charlie in full flight. Best watched with fingers in your ears!


Charliecondou: And @russelltovey was out of tune

russelltovey: @Charliecondou excuse me? X

Charliecondou: @russelltovey face it, you were sh*t. I, on the other hand, was ay may zing

russelltovey: @Charliecondou kiss my ass x

Charliecondou: @russelltovey again?

russelltovey: @Charliecondou ha ha I set you up for that one! X

TheHoneyTaker: @russelltovey yo bro! you look proper cute in boyd's photo x ;)

russelltovey: @TheHoneyTaker thankyou mate! :-) x

davidschneider: At Albert Hall kazoo world record attempt. Christine Hamilton's behind me. Some flob just fell from her kazoo onto my head #livingthedream

russelltovey: @davidschneider seriously hot! X

danielsparrow1: @russelltovey hey gr8 to meet u with @MattWilman - want to join us on Press Night 4 Umbrellas on Tues 22nd? Hope u might be free 2 come!

MattWilman: @danielsparrow1 @russelltovey @mattwilman yeah get yourself down if you can mate !! When do you start filming ? X

Lucyspeed: @russelltovey What an entirely surreal but hilarious experience?! slightly disappointed the world record has not brought a book deal yet..

russelltovey: @Lucyspeed crazy days! Surely it's a whole chapter in the biog? X

Lucyspeed: @russelltovey was thinking a short film/ mini series in 2012 to coincide with my fellow athletes story. is a part for u as kazoo player #85?

sarah_cawood: @russelltovey Oi! Tovey! Lovely to see you again last night panel buddy :). I keep finding kazoos in my personal belongings:-/

russelltovey: @sarah_cawood hello! Dream seeing you too spunky x x

Charliecondou: @russelltovey Did you duck out early? Always a pleasure seeing you young Russ xx

krishgm: @russelltovey lovely to meet you last night!

MatthewCainC4: @krishgm So you met my twin @russelltovey last night! Isn't he adorable?

krishgm: @MatthewCainC4 I don't quite get this "twin" thing'll have to explain (feels like elderly judge)

MatthewCainC4: @krishgm Ha ha it's a male bonding thing. We feel like twins!

boydhilton: @MatthewCainC4 @krishgm plus you are a bit like ACTUAL twins...

MatthewCainC4: @boydhilton @krishgm And we look so similar!

Charliecondou: The HIGHLIGHT of my evening!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou other than you...don't know the boys either side...I'm from Oz so we know you and you alone!

Charliecondou: @Tom_In_Oz_ They are children's tv presenters. My daughter loves them

Tom_In_Oz_: @Charliecondou they look like they are fun guys so that makes sense my class at school love similar types...Kazoo vid was brill (but short)

Above: Charlie Condou dressed as his new Coronation Street character – no actually he’s just relaxing at home.

Two Timing Tom Twice

Julie_Atherton: Oops sorry folks random tweet was meant to be for @luciferbox about his viscounts! (Pressed wrong buttons)

Tom_In_Oz_: @Julie_Atherton @luciferbox sure she says that now...but I know you meant it for mio!!!?

Julie_Atherton: @Tom_In_Oz_ ha! Xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Julie_Atherton @luciferbox see I told you Jules has a thing for older men with Oz accents...she just can't tell her Tom while he's awake!

russelltovey: RT @Nymphadora86: @russelltovey My friend helps run an animal rescue @FurryFriendsAni, save so many animals and they really need donations. Please RT to help?

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 Not sure what to say to you about losing Aidan. Hugs is all I can give and kisses too. xoxox

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ Ah...thanks lovely hero, as ever xx

Dorina335: I'm blogging if anyone cares to join me......

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 it's not even sunrise here and my wife IS asleep and it sounds tempting but hey....oh, "blogging"....I misread that x

Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ being naughty again Tom....but I like you!

robmissen: @russelltovey Saw you in Oxford St. earlier and wanted to say what a fab actor you are... But didn't want you to look at me like I'm mental!

Smutstick: Russell Tovey just walked past...

Above: Boyd Hilton blowing a red thing in his many one-liners to end with here but no I am keeping this blog family oriented! NB. Boyd has new specs he got in NY - The windscreen wipers are a bonus! Luv ya Boyd! x x x

Below: Dave, Russ and Boyd at Kazoo night.

Above: Rebecca Front, Dan Stevens, Russell Tovey & the gang at Kazoo record attempt 14-3-2011 Comic Relief event at Royal Albert Hall



The last scenes of

season three

Being Human

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