Friday, June 25, 2010


Prime Minister Thrust Into Power

Australia's newest Prime Minister was sworn in today. She has taken the spot once held by Kevin Rudd who was born in Queensland (a fact not lost on my sense of humour)...

Anyhow, Julia Gillard was born in Barry Wales, the cultural centre of a very small BBC Three universe! This is where Russell Tovey played Budgie in Gavin & Stacey and is currently shooting Being Human series three.

Here is a newspaper article about Julia Gillard from 25/6/2010.
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Now, if the show Gavin & Stacey is totally authentic in its portrayal of modern Welsh life then the series of photos following may be best described as "slightly disturbing".

The Welcome To Barry Thrusting Ceremony

Scientists believe there are some ancient ceremonies still used by the locals in Barry, South Wales...

On arrival in Barry the local males will run beside your vehicle to welcome you.

The faster alpha males will eventually overtake the vehicle.

The vehicles are stopped and surround. The male occupants are restrained by the lesser beta males. The alpha male steadies himself and stands behind the male occupant. The female passengers are totally discarded.

Same as above, only now the alpha male is holding the male occupant more tightly. This male occupant seems to be a knowing participant in this ancient ritual.

The male occupant is "thrust" from behind and into the street by the alpha male. It seems to be a gesture only for the privileged alpha male.

The alpha male does a ceremonial dance while the lesser beta males chant and dance for more of the locals to gather round.

The female occupant of the vehicle by this time has invited her family to the "thrusting" ritual. One of her uncles seems to be warmly welcoming the alpha male rather than the male occupant of the vehicle.

The uncle takes the male occupant and the alpha male home to prepare for a night of celebration and welcome.

The alpha male in turn takes the vehicle occupant and the uncle for a series of celebratory bonding dances.

The uncle and the alpha male bond with a dance.

More bonding is followed by drinks.

The uncle holds the alpha male's ear in a ritual that scientists are yet to explain. This must be a regular occurrence for the alpha male, as both his ears have been permanently stretched out of shape.

This particular uncle seems to need more sleep than the alpha male who carefully carries the uncle back to his Barry homestead thus ending a day of celebration and welcoming.

You too can expect this ancient welcoming ceremony when you next visit Barry, Wales!

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