Thursday, July 1, 2010


Being Human

Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey have a lot of fun with the interplay of their on screen characters it's a sort of bromance...and it appears that they have this same affection for each other off screen. Russell in a recent YouTube interview suggested they he genuinely loved Aidan as he said with conviction and no reflection whatsoever, "He's my bruvver" - he didn't say, "He's like a brother".

I know from what my gay friends and family members say, that this is why they are glued to the show...they watch for all the "gay" flirting...I just like some of the subtle references that Toby Whithouse (script writer) throws in to keep the audience guessing...I like moments when Annie says to George and Mitchell, "You're so gay for each other", "You hit him with your girlie hand" and "Here's your camp herbal fusion tea thingy" all gets back to Toby's writing I guess, or adlibbing by the boys...there's just the right balance of fun and innuendo....or as my baby brother says, "In your end, oh".

Press play for a very short video of some of Russell and Aidan's more interesting moments. The song used is Pull Me Out From Inside.

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