Sunday, November 21, 2010


Train of thought!

3:00pm 21-11-2010 Feel_The_Byrne: Russell Tovey is on my train!

21-11-2010 Neily82: Just spotted hottie @russelltovey on tube. Inner squeal when I thought he was getting on same carriage as me but he changed his mind :(

21-11-2010 MarchPayne: @Neily82 @russelltovey Possibly he avoids carriages where he sees men drooling in them?

21-11-2010 Neily82: I reckon my silly hat must have put him off @russelltovey

Murder on the dancefloor

21-11-2010 shaneandkel: @russelltovey loved Cher???? Was there a full moon last nite ya looney...she murdered it.....

Random tweets

21-11-2010 TonyBignell: @russelltovey - Russell! Remember me? We did Shane together! How's things? Hope your well!

21-11-2010 SaraDews: @russelltovey Looking forward to Alan Bennett and "The Habit of Art" x

21-11-2010 StevenWilson00: @russelltovey factor mad you be

21-11-2010 ElohElae: I think I have to remove Russel Tovey off of my twitter... His choice in X Factor contestants makes me want to weep. Srs bsns bbs

I have the pictures to prove it!

Above: After corresponding on Twitter from the other side of the world, Soozles_ and Tom_In_Oz_, finally meet! Me, from New South Wales and Soozles from Old South Wales!

Soozles is one of Russell Tovey's biggest fans and she has waited patiently for hours to talk to him while filming "Gavin and Stacey" and "Being Human". She has supplied at least three fan photos of Russell for my blog.

Our meeting was on a cold Sunday morning 21st November 2010 at Barry Wales. I think Soozle's twin girls were a bit mystified but they smiled happily for the snap.

Above: Soozles lives not far from the "Gavin and Stacey" house which I stood in front of briefly. No.47 Trinity Street Barry Wales. It was already decorated for Christmas with trim and lights. Very festive!

Above: Tom_In_Oz_ at "Torchwood Tower" Atlantic Wharf Cardiff UK. Torchwood was a spin-off show from Dr. Who which starred John Barrowman. Russell Tovey and John played opposite each other in the last episode of David Tennant's run as Dr. Who. The episode was called "The End of Time." Russell Tovey played Alonso Frame. If you’d like more information about these characters type their names into the search facility box on the top left corner of page.

Above: Tom_In_Oz_ in front of the "Fry's house" which is being used for season three of "Being Human." The house is on the corner of Romilly Road and Canon Street, Barry.

Below: A small iPhone video of the area around the house.

Press play:

A Wales of a time!

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