Thursday, June 9, 2011


Below: Russell Tovey in Him and Her season one.


cumbrr: is that Russell Tovey #nsfw

russelltovey: RT @Aiannucci: Extraordinary. @kevtsai: Can't believe Asda are too happy about their ad in today's daily mirror

Fox_Mullder: Morning all btw x
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder Hello son....your questions start now:
(1) Who is the prime minister of Zimbabwe?
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ ermmm mugabe i think
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder nope - Morgan Tsvangirai
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ oh well lol
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder
(2) When was rocket fuel invented?
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ hmmm 1946
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder nope - fuel invented in 1930s
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ I was close
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder
(3) Why do mail men have one arm stronger than the other?
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ cause they carry mail in one hand
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder nope - wankers the lot of them xxx
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ hahaaaa xx
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder and the supplementary question: (4)
(4) What is your VISA card number?
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ haha no no
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder Son you were SO close but you are the weakest link - sorry! I have to disown you xxx
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ Nooooooooooooooo *cries* xxx
Tom_In_Oz_: @Fox_Mullder awww don't cry Pa will have to say sorry, I was just teasing you - ya know I wouldn't do
Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ phew yay xxx

mmm_gash: @Tom_In_Oz_ It wasn't your fault but the blog depressed me tonight. Seeing his racy tweets to people. Kinda like being stabbed :(
Tom_In_Oz_: @mmm_gash It would be really hard being a partner to @RussellTovey as guys throw themselves at Russ all the time...sorry blog depressed you
mmm_gash: @Tom_In_Oz_ Haha, I know like. Ain't your fault. It's a silly crush I have sadly :( 
Tom_In_Oz_: @mmm_gash it’s not silly a crush is just unrequited love...x 
davieboy123: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mmm_gash that sadly is the worst kind 
russelltovey: Another adventure over a new one yet to begin.... Goodbye and hello Cardiff x
Chafitz: @russelltovey Once you go Welsh, you never go back
russelltovey: RT @KevinLehane: #FF @GrabbersMovie Help us get to 500 followers. It's going to be next year's most talked about monster movie (by me, anyway).
kevinlehane: I haven't tweeted all evening because @russelltovey is following me now; I'm too embarrassed. I have to up my game. 
SwearyLady: @KevinLehane I shall be sure not to tell @russelltovey about that shrine you have to him in your bedroom, so. That would be MORTIFYING. 
kevinlehane: @SwearyLady @russelltovey LISA! I don't have a shrine! Oh, my Jesus, I am so embarrassed.
russelltovey: @KevinLehane innit tho x
Tate: OK, it's ART FILM TITLE time! We came up with: Auerbach to the Future. The Lost Beuys. Join in + lets hear yours #artfilmtitle 
russelltovey: @Tate T.E (Emin as apposed to E.T)
russelltovey: @Tate fried green Tomma Abts 
russelltovey: @Tate the Koonies x 
russelltovey: @Tate Grayson and Perry go large
MatthewCainC4: Putting together a piece for tonight's #c4news on Prince Philip's 90th birthday. So what are our thoughts on the subject - and the man..?
russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 he's a bunny hugger x
Tom_In_Oz_: @MatthewCainC4 today we had endless reels of HRH saying inappropriate things, gaffs &c. about our aboriginal people *sad*
MatthewCainC4: Which public figures or famous faces would you most like to see interviewed about Prince Philip today...?
russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 Deborah cocks x
boydhilton: @MatthewCainC4 MORRISSEY
Tom_In_Oz_: @MatthewCainC4 Dame Edna x

My aim is not to offend or discourage fans from enjoying this site. The following pictures and language may offend. 
If you wish for any of it to be withdrawn please leave a request in the "comments" box.

aidan_c: Hate how @russelltovey was using twitter to pull last night and I was sleeping :( fuck!
russelltovey: Can't sleep!!!!! My body clock is screwed.... X 
SwindonSteve: @russelltovey hello! I haven't seen a tweet from you in ages!!! Where have you been??? What a 'tweet'...get it? Sounded better in my head! x 
russelltovey: @SwindonSteve you are incredible! X
SwindonSteve: @russelltovey how about a follow then?..... (too cheeky?) x 
Mavro_Arni: @russelltovey That's an act of desperation. Screwing clocks, that is. I've never had the time for it. :-P 
russelltovey: Sleep mofo sleep x 
camdengiles: @russelltovey Sleep lovely Russell. We love you. Sleep. x 
russelltovey: @camdengiles oh Giles, save me from myself.... Seeing you at V right? X 
camdengiles: @russelltovey that's the plan! When you back in town? Drinky catch up needed - you were missed at @leo_richardson BBQ xx 
mrjasonlor: @russelltovey I think the moon is keeping you awake. The wild side of you. :) 
Gazbelfast: “@russelltovey: Can't sleep!!!!! My body clock is screwed.... X” then maybe u will finally reply to one of my tweets russell lol 
russelltovey: @Gazbelfast hey Gaz... I love Belfast x 
HolyFrell: @russelltovey How is the Being Human filmage going Russ? 
russelltovey: @HolyFrell not started yet... 20th June day 1 filming starts for BH series 4! X

russelltovey: I'm tempted to post a nude picture... I'm delirious right? X
dannybaby1234: @russelltovey I'd view it ;) x. 
muertaXangela: @russelltovey ...Possibly. Just 'cause some of us (inc. me) want it, doesn't mean that you should.. You're in the public eye. Be careful. 
russelltovey: @muertaXangela good advice oh lovely and wise woman x 
muertaXangela: @russelltovey *blush* I might lust after you, but I wouldn't want something like that to possibly have a detrimental effect on your career 
DeadlyGlamour: @russelltovey Nobody here would mind, but... do you really want the front page of The Sun tomorrow? 
russelltovey: You guys are incredible... X

bobroc22: @russelltovey Wow, attention seeking much Russell. As the better looking of our weird Doppelganger thingy, I'm ashamed :p ;) 
russelltovey: @bobroc22 you are the better looking dopleganger this is true... I apologize for my behavior x 
bobroc22: @russelltovey You bitch, you weren't supposed to reply ;) If in Ireland Russell, look me up. You won't believe it until you see it ;) haha 
russelltovey: @bobroc22 post a pic that looks like you looking like me! X
bobroc22: @russelltovey I'm on facebook :D Only one of me :p, I refuse to wear my glasses though. Vanity can be a killer! ;) Toodles :D ;)
russelltovey: @bobroc22 what's your name?
bobroc22: @russelltovey Sorry for pestering dude, follow me for a few minutes and I'll send ya a message if ya want :) No prob if lack of desire :D 
russelltovey: @bobroc22 following

Above: Pic from the avatar of @dannybaby1234 - absolutely no subtlety x

dannybaby1234: @russelltovey If you follow me, I will show you something worth while (my cock) :P (seriously I will) ;) x. 
russelltovey: @dannybaby1234 deal.... Ha 
dannybaby1234: @russelltovey DONE!!! Let me know what you think haa x. 
dannybaby1234: Would love a sexy tweet off @russelltovey ;) x. 
russelltovey: @dannybaby1234 ;-) x 
dannybaby1234: @russelltovey Gettin!!! Think I just had a tiny orgasm ;) x 
russelltovey: I love Anthony wiener x 
dannybaby1234: @russelltovey You can't beat Neil Diamond for a bit of Jewish hotness ;) haa x. 
boydhilton: @russelltovey Jewish hotness. x 
russelltovey: @boydhilton so hot x 
dannybaby1234: Quite hard now after @russelltovey tweeted me :D x. 
rantsofadiva: @russelltovey Do you love Weiner or his weiner?

russelltovey: “@RebeccaBarryLuv: @russelltovey i want ur big cock in my mouth please” whoa Rebecca Barry luv? Subtle is sexy x
dannybaby1234: @russelltovey Plus I don't think she knows YOU are the one who likes cock in the mouth ;)  hahaa x. @RebeccaBarryLuv
JoleneMCander: @russelltovey She's not backward in coming forward is she?!
neilscot43: @russelltovey Bloody hell! straight to the point.. subtle as a sledge hammer!
RebeccaBarryLuv: @russelltovey i didnt no u were gay so sorry! x
tpamatt: @russelltovey she doesn't quite get the concept of playing hard to get.
JamieSuckley: @russelltovey what happened to the do you want to go out for a drink stage eh? :)
NoNoNannette30: @russelltovey will I ever scrub that tweet from my mind??? *Blink* *Blink* *Blink*
webwhore: @russelltovey Loving that you didn't deny the adjective.
russelltovey: @webwhore The truth will out x
webwhore: @russelltovey Hilarious that it was hot on the heels of mentioning Anthony Weiner. Pics or it isn't true

Above: Another poorly executed FAKE nude picture of Russell Tovey edited tastefully for the blog (the person who made this obviously didn't realize that Russell is an intact man).
Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ Now Tom, there's plenty of real (albeit rear view) nudie pics of Russ out there. No need for fake ones.

russelltovey: Lazier hair removal.... Discuss x 
russelltovey: Sorry laser hair removal.... Experiences? Men? It's for a friend..... X 
omgitslurch: @russelltovey for a 'friend'... That's what they all say. ;) 
shotbykim: @russelltovey it grows back regardless, waste of money! keep getting waxed. 
Belfast_Belle: @russelltovey jesus christ russell talk about favoritism!! U tweet my bf but ignore me :'( I'm more clever btw!! And a bigger fan! *huffs* 
russelltovey: @Belfast_Belle don't be blue Belle x :-) 
Chloe_Met: @russelltovey can i just say how much of an amazing actor u are :) xxx 
russelltovey: @Chloe_Met yes you can x 

Above: These pics are a few years old. They come from a birthday party for one of Russell's dearest and closest friends. Russell decided to do a little act wearing a blue bikini and dancing while smoking - HOTTT RIGHT!
russelltovey: My bikini line is uncontrollable x 
bobroc22: @russelltovey Try a onesie :p rofl 
Aussiemarknyc: @russelltovey wtf does “bikini line is uncontrollable” mean? 
liamnooney: @russelltovey a Speedo line would be worse. There's no end to the damage they can do. Just ask David Hasselhoff! 
russelltovey: Finally feeling tired... To my nocturnal wittys and those on different time zones... I love ya... Thanks for the memories.. zzzzzzzzzz :-) x 
Alexthegreat20: @russelltovey can't believe I missed your tweeting session bro, I'd have showed you my cock too, in a subtle kind of way of course lol ;) x 
Terminatrix: @russelltovey I'm disappointed in the lack of penis on display here. Tsk. 
oswaldgutenberg: @russelltovey turn your phone off and get your head down mate. This is no time to be up unless you're on the lash. 
dannybaby1234: @russelltovey Night Gorgeous! x 
broady2006: Random tweets galore.@russelltovey is sleep deprived & losing it. Weird!

dannybaby1234: HORNY
janeewilkinson: @dannybaby1234 yeah and? I've never known anyone quite like ya! Remember @russelltovey is watching!
dannybaby1234: @janeewilkinson @russelltovey He loves me horny :P x.

Teenager Alice who has terminal cancer asks celebs to re-tweet her “bucket list” wish of “trending on Twitter”…So when Russell Tovey re-tweets her message it took very little time for Alice to have her blog site trending along with his name in London – tick tick tick!

Click to enlarge map:

JessWright_Lola: Who loves my new costume?? loving Florida with the family! X
russelltovey: @JessWright_Lola wowsers!!!! :-)
russelltovey: RT @royalcourt: Last chance to apply for our Trainee Director job. Deadline is tomorrow at noon;
Shirran: @russelltovey thankyou so much for the autograph. Love it xxx
russelltovey: @Shirran you are soooo welcome lovely x

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