Saturday, June 11, 2011


russelltovey: Who could build a website like Twitter?? It's like Russian to me x

paul_damien: @russelltovey There is an open source version of a twitter like website, thats easy to build and set up x

russelltovey: @paul_damien what is it called? x

paul_damien: @russelltovey try - statusnet, that powers identica :) - its quite fun, played about with it a little [i'm a geek!] x

russelltovey: BeingHuman3: Rare bit of baby Russell & Sheridan looking very different than she does now in these clips
JaredofMo: @RussellTovey I didn't recognize you at first because your ears didn't look as prominent. Which is sad.

russelltovey: @JaredofMo They were stuck back with latex x

Press play to see a young Sheridan Smith and a young Russell Tovey in the telemovie

“Anchor Me:”

another Saturday night

camdengiles: @russelltovey uh-oh. I'm still drunk.

russelltovey: @camdengiles yep me too G x

leo_richardson: @camdengiles @russelltovey what'd I miss? x

russelltovey: @leo_richardson oh Hun, what have we missed more like... You honey x

leo_richardson: @russelltovey Oh don't. Let's go out next weekend? x

camdengiles: @leo_richardson @russelltovey we missed you. I'm going to feel so evil later...............aaaaahhhhhhhh! Unless I just get back on it? xx

Below: Russell Tovey having a little camera fun at home – “seductive” pose Vs “mmm” pose!

stefancoke: @russelltovey can I just say what a great actor you are! I can't wait for series 4 got all the DVD Boxsets I'm a fanatic. Nice arse btw ;-)

dannybaby1234: Not sure if I can still talk so openly about my sex life now that @russelltovey is following me? ;-) x.

Above: Russell Tovey in season three of Being Human.

Above: Lenora Crichlow, Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey in season three of Being Human.

Above: Russell Tovey in an unused Being Human promo shot for season three.

six o’ the best

ROLL (*sic) YET!!!

fifisaurus: @russelltovey I found Tovey cheese today!! It was goat's milk and very, very yummy *g*

russelltovey: RT @bbcbeinghuman: Everyone's getting ready for the big readthrough for Series 4 on Monday #beinghuman


russelltovey: The neighbors cat has popped in for a visit... Proper Ginge!!! X

moitil: @russelltovey You spelt neighbour wrong and forgot the apostrophe “neighbour’s.” ;-)

lostyorksboy: @russelltovey awww it's a cutie. Give that ginger pussy a stroke Russell. Just so you can say you've touched one.

markie37: @russelltovey I love a bit of #ginge

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey and all gingers are toms xxx

Gingernut_49: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Not ALL gingers!

webwhore: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey I've met three who were not toms, but more pale. All tortoise shells are thought to be queens.

wabbit89: @Tom_In_Oz_ No, they aren't. Very much not true. Trust me. I've taken girl parts out of plenty of orange cats. ;)

Tom_In_Oz_: @wabbit89 so now I know you work at the violin factory - never new before what you did!

jwhedonaddict: @russelltovey aww.... :)

Foxfontaine: @russelltovey looks just like Matt.

Nelly’s Revenge

craigfarrow: @russelltovey Mr Tovey , when are you going to visit the Kings head again ? I have a Fish Cobb Salad with your name on it!


Tom_In_Oz_: @FoxyLorri64 @soozles_ in about 3 weeks we have 2 weeks for our winter break...x

soozles_: @Tom_In_Oz_ @FoxyLorri64 next month our kids have their 6 week break. STRESS!!!!!!

FoxyLorri64: Just noticed your profile pic @soozles_ its wonderful!!! I thought he was your BF at first :O) lol. @Tom_In_Oz_ woohooooooooooo!

Tom_In_Oz_: @FoxyLorri64 @soozles_ it is her boyfriend xx

soozles_: @Tom_In_Oz_ @FoxyLorri64 oh i wish lol

Tom_In_Oz_: Sending a better version of your avatar @Soozles_

soozles_: @Tom_In_Oz_ thanks Tom - you can see it's Russell Tovey now :)

Above: Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey in the proposed opening scene that was cut from season three of Being Human.

wtfsignmeup:  Russell Tovey and Aidan Turner

Above: Yes, that’s Aidan Turner and his ballroom partner Russell Tovey.

Above: Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey in the promo sessions for season three of Being Human.

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