Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The BH Action Figure$

15-12-2010 DazzaField: @russelltovey still need 1 final paint app, but they pretymuch done. Yes, I’m a nerd…Being Human Action figures!

15-12-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @DazzaField will it be OK to blog your pic of the Being Human action figures at

15-12-2010 DazzaField: @Tom_In_Oz_ sure, tho I hope to get some better shots later on!

15-12-2010 mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ Finally there's gonna be action figures.@russelltovey is gonna be happy with this.

16-12-2010 DazzaField: @RUSSELLTOVEY Being Human "George" action figure, complete with interchangeable wolf head & hand, glasses & chain

16-12-2010 DazzaField: @RUSSELLTOVEY And the whole gang! (Yes, that thing you smell is my inner nerd pouring out... that sounded gross)

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