Friday, October 22, 2010


Russell's busy day in the "Twittersphere"


22-10-2010 russelltovey: I can't be bothered to wash up... I hate it... It is now a student pile up in my chalky steel sink... Hideous x

AndrewGuppy: @russelltovey what it's in your sink? Shouldn't it be under the sofas or under your bed if it was truly student style?

Jaybs: @russelltovey - Dishes I do as soon as I use them! LOL part of my OCD, give us a job then! John x

andy_levey: @russelltovey Oh alright I'll do it *snaps on rubber gloves* (I should point out to others that this is in reference to washing up).

Smear_Campaign: @russelltovey you don't have a dishwasher? Wow... You're living in squalor!

Benjeee: @russelltovey Put it all outside and wait for it to be cleaned by birds and rain!

emslj: @russelltovey A dishwasher is clearly the answer, Russell. Or some sort of houseboy. One or the other.

Novo_38: @russelltovey paper plates- the way forward!

janeymac64: @russelltovey you dirty slut!

purecelt: You should post a photo of it @russelltovey Let us see for ourselves.

stubroughton: @russelltovey call it art :-)

Jopetgc: @russelltovey lazy man! So you need help?

paranoid_puppy: @russelltovey your friend is the dishwasher.

liamsgirl2: @russelltovey wash-up? don't you have minions to do that?

TonysimmsBK: @russelltovey the magic of dishwashers... Or my husband as I sometimes call him!


22-10-2010 russelltovey: Finished washing up and cleaning the kitchen Put Henry Hoover over briefly and now listening to Rufus. A woman’s work is never done x

xmagic_dustx: @russelltovey You Stepford wife! ;)

jopetgc: @russelltovey which Rufus LP?

clampits00: @russelltovey tell me about it girlfriend lol

Smear_Campaign: @russelltovey Henry? You should have bought the pink Hetty one or splashed out on the big green George! X

Dyana_: @russelltovey Aww Aren't you quite the housewife? Your rating just went up! :)

DC07703: @russelltovey Don't know why I now have mental picture of you in nothing but an apron and rubber gloves....Might have to go and lie down.

janeymac64: @benjee @russelltovey I'm sure they are... he looks dirty in whore-ish kinda way ;)

Jopetgc: @russelltovey xx

keith1974: @russelltovey You can come to ours and do the housework if you like (naked of course ;0 )

H&H AND B.H. CHAT 22-10-2010:

barrypilling: @russelltovey I'm editing your #BeingHuman acting tips. Love how mid-sentence you drop in "I'm rambling now, can I ramble??"

Benjeee: @janeymac64 Well @russelltovey as werewolf is frankly the only acceptable instance of a really hairy back.

HolyFrell: Just received my Being Human box set, still loving @russelltovey as George, that American cast has NOTHING on the UK team! Love them all! X

jlittlewood: @russelltovey Your co-star Aiden Turner is going to be in The Hobbit. How awesome is that?

Just__Betty: @russelltovey Aiden Turners gon be in the Hobbit but i really wanna see another series of Being Human please tell me its gonna happen?

theleroy: @russelltovey your mate from Being Human cast in The Hobbit? I assume you turned it down first?

clampits00: @russelltovey on bbc being human video dairy's on youtube lenora has 22,637 hits & you have 19,778 i think that you need a plan ! uuum

L15AJT: @russelltovey you made me cry last night Mr -watched last part of #Him&Her x just brilliant show and Rose Tyler's mum in it ;))) x

Tbirdflieshigh: @russelltovey I love that you're such an art fiend! Do you ever go to the Whitechapel art gallery?


22-10-2010 russelltovey: Question? So apparently I am in attitude mags influential 66? Is this true any wittys with 'tude? X

robbieanthony87: @russelltovey yeeeeeeeeeeeees I’ve got it ur in it i looove u and its cool ur an out gay man but do straight roles good 4 u

MarcusJDL: @russelltovey it is. You are a blokey-gay role model. Congratulations! X

Dr_PaulC: @russelltovey would have thought that @AttitudeMag could have made it 69

Irelon: @russelltovey - yup you are - congrats!

TheAdzFactor: @russelltovey you influence me to masturbate ;)

nick730: @russelltovey Yes. "Actor & pant-throb" is your job description.

AttitudeMag: @russelltovey Hello. Yes you are a role model. Hurrah. It is probably because you keep getting your bum out on national telly.

Baxfail: @guy_interruptd I'm sure Russell Tovey HAS a boyfriend many other jug-eared, dimpled manly-type men can there be out there?!

guy_interruptd: @Baxfail I've actually been friends with Russell for years and years, so there's no attraction there, I can assure you!

Baxfail: @guy_interruptd Ah, apologies in that case. I unfortunately have a very limited repertoire of men who (I thought) might fulfil your turn ons!

Tom in Oz reporting from Fountains Abbey North Yorkshire UK

Below Russell Tovey mucking about at Fountains Abbey midst the shooting of the movie The History Boys in 2006.

I took a snap and some video of the same area when I was there on Friday 22-10-2010. At the end of the video is a glimpse of Mrs. Oz walking in the ruins. We were there alone for at least 2 hours. BTW I did sit in the same hole just for fun but Mrs Oz wasn't there to take a snap...LOL.

Press play:

Oh, and we spotted a hedgehog walking along the path which according to the guides is a rarity. We took pics of it.

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