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A discussion edited from Famous Males Forum Jun 21 2008:


I worked with him a few years ago on a kid’s TV series called SPY WATCH. He was so quiet !


He rather looks as if he would be a bit on the quiet side. I really wish I could find a place to view the TV series SPYWATCH. I would love to see a bit more of Mr. Tovey at a younger age.


He was only about 13 I think. He was very shy and didn’t really mix that much with the other kids in the show. Although he was a stage school kid he was not like the others who were the usual very over the top and excitable. He was quiet, thoughtful, went and got coffee for me on a few occasions and was happy to sit in the gallery and watch during setups rather than stay with the rest of the cast.
He was recording with us for a few weeks at Television Centre and everyone liked him; a nice guy to have around.


Thanks Steve, I did not realize he was so young at that time. It's nice to hear something about him that is not just studio hype. The images of him all seem to reflect a really sweet guy. I have a feeling that his career is going to really take off in the near future.

Russell Tovey child actor in Spywatch

Russell Tovey in The Sea

Russell Tovey in Messiah

Russell Tovey as Alonso Frame in Dr Who - Voyage Of The Damned

Allons-y Alonso - translation - Let's go Alonso!

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