Thursday, October 21, 2010


Russell Tovey
You've been spotted again!

21-10-2010 LadyLondon2: Just spotted Russell Tovey from Him and Her and other things 10.30pm in London #celeb sightings at work.

21-10-2010 russelltovey: Home from seeing 'Design for living' at the Old Vic.. Its brilliant.. I am slightly in awe of Andrew Scott.. Genius x

21-10-2010 MatthewCainC4: Just watched Design for Living at Old Vic. Such an interesting play and so superbly acted. Andrew Scott in particular is a huge talent!

21-10-2010 Deejrdee: @russelltovey russ dont forget to show your butt when you get to 20,000 followers love you xoxo

21-10-2010 Shannrai: @russelltovey OMG I LOVE YOU DUUUUDE!!!!!!!!!! Everything I see you in, you are fantastic and really really funny :) Big Fan :)

21-10-2010 russelltovey: @shannrai :-) x

21-10-2010 Tom_I_Oz_: Off to see Fountains Abbey Nth Yorkshire 2morrow just like @russelltovey in History Boys ancestors lived at Ripon...200 yrs ago.

21-10-2010 JoeTaylorLand: Twitter reckons 'Similar to You' for me are @russelltovey @mrSamuelBarnettt @anthonycotton @mrsteviewebb. I'm a WitNitter not an actor!

21-10-2010 niftyneek: so @russelltovey is my new favorite person on twitter, currently stalking his YFrog

21-10-2010 Chambreros: I am so out of the loop. Just read that @russelltovey is a gay. How have I missed this?! I'm a moron. A moron now in love with RT. #What A Guy

21-10-2010 hughbon: @russelltovey less of the Slightly. I just Am.

(NB. The last tweet is from actor Hugh Boneville)

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