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13th JUNE 2011


Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall Hope all goes well have a great start with BH...You have millions of fans ready & waiting! Wishing all of you the best. x

MikeyJGall: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mikeyjgall Quite please. Read-through time! I miss the sand and the sun!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall *whispers* OK will pipe down but am squeeeeee excited that it is all going so well for season 4, Hugs to all. xxx

MikeyJGall: It all about the Read-through!

russelltovey: “@AshleyFayPhotog: @russelltovey Is mitchell going to make a come back? Please tell me it's true!!” no he isn't sadly... X

RoxRobin: On way back from Being Human read through. 3 scripts read. Amaze. #bbc3

robdiament: Snacks!!!!

russelltovey: @robdiament image!!!!!

robdiament: @russelltovey Carl is emailing you one now! Almost impossible to take good pics here as windows on both sides of our booth x

Russell Tovey on arrival at the BAFTAs 22.5.2011.

Press play:

Tom_In_Oz_: A little choc treat in honour of his nibs Lord Toby and your read through for season four Being Human 13-6-2011 @RussellTovey @SineadKeenan @MikeyJGall @bbcbeinghuman @garretkeogh

russelltovey: En route back to thru this morning of Being Human series 4.. Then looking at houses to buy!! ;-) I am almost local x

angloirishgal: @SineadKeenan @russelltovey and all cast and crew..good wishes for the read-thru and forthcoming BH filming. You rock!xx

sage_from_oz: @russelltovey So exciting! We're all thinking of you.

jwhedonaddict: @russelltovey Squee!! ;) Good morning!

Gingernut_49: @SineadKeenan @russelltovey You could say the BH bloggers are more than a tad excited - have fun!

foxylorri64: @russelltovey wishing you @SineadKeenan & Lenora a GREAT time during this new BH journey...Good Luck with the house hunting too! xx

soozles_: @russelltovey you are good enough to be local lovely! Weather is a bit crappy today but i'm sure your arrival will brighten the place up x

margmolly: @russelltovey @SineadKeenan Hope you all have a great day today as you start on BH4!! Say hi to everyone involved !! xx

russelltovey: Not really gonna buy a house guys, but probably should the amount of time I hang out in the 'Diff.... :-) x
Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Your house tweet reminds me of the story of "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" or in your case "The Werewolf Who Cried Cardiff?" x

_llamaface: @russelltovey you should. Get a house share with @SineadKeenan and Lenora. I'd watch a tv show about you 3 being housemates. Wait...

MrTimmyApples: @russelltovey you should visit uwic school of art and design degree shows if you're in caerdydd next week #countthisasaninvite :) x

russelltovey: @MrTimmyApples yes! What's the deats?? X

MrTimmyApples: @russelltovey UWIC CSAD Degree Show - Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th 12 - 6 Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd 10 - 6 Western Avenue, Cardiff x

Dorina335: Bit late to the party but hoping that BH4 readthru going well @SineadKeenan @russelltovey. Love to all inc Lenora &Toby @bbcbeinghuman

webwhore: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Thank you, thank you very much! *bows on behalf of New Zealand*

PeteLordAardman: Happy hours on windswept upland, staring at slabs of rock, attempting to identify cup and ring markings. Almost the perfect day.

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman Pete is there any chance you can send a development drawing of the Albino Pirate for the Tovey blog? Please? Roger and out!

PeteLordAardman: Obviously I should have mentioned that while identifying cup and ring marks most of my thoughts were focused on the Pirates!

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman and that's Jolly Roger and out xxx

PeteLordAardman: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hi. I'll do that thing, but I'm nowhere near my sketchbooks now so don't hold your breath.

PeteLordAardman: @Tom_In_Oz_ Did I ever mention that Russell Tovey is completely brilliant as the Albino Pirate? I must have mentioned that.

Tom_In_Oz_: @PeteLordAardman I do believe you may have mentioned it lol & @russelltovey's comedy timing should be an asset also! Send pic when ya can!

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