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In this uncertain world it is wonderful to discover that people can take 30 seconds to send you a congratulatory tweet on the arrival of your first grandchild.

As you may recall, I run two Internet blogs for two UK actors and various people follow them. The blogs are:RUSSELL TOVEY - A STAR IN THE MAKING and CHARLIE CONDOU CONFIDENTIAL.

In the course of a year I have come to know many of the nearly 2000 people who follow my Twitter accounts and here are some of their much appreciated good wishes.

I'm sorry I didn't put every tweet here, these are just the ones that arrived within two days of my granddaughter's arrival 18-8-2011.

Cheers, Tom.

Stuart Murphy

stuartmurphy100: @Confidential_CC So sweet x

Hugh Bonneville

hughbon: @Confidential_CC Congrats!

Charlie Condou ✔

Confidential_CC: @hughbon thanks Hugh....I am the proudest Pa that ever walked this Earth x

KnaveoG: @Tom_In_Oz_ Nice picture of sleeping beauty you sent out to the world.

Stuart Murphy

stuartmurphy100: @Confidential_CC well done you and her. What a fighter. Hope mum is ok too x

Charlie Condou

Charliecondou: @Confidential_CC gorgeous x

Alexander Armstrong

Xanneroo: @Confidential_CC ahhhh that's LOVELY

Phil Davis

PhilDavis6: @Confidential_CC Congratulations

Sinead Keenan

SineadKeenan: @Tom_In_Oz_ Quite simply beautiful xxxx

Mike Fenton Stevens

fenton-stevens: @Confidential_CC many congratulations grandad! X

Chris Wiseman

Foxfontaine: @AWOLTom Congrats! She's gorgeous!!!

Mike Fenton Stevens

fentonstevens: @Confidential_CC you lucky chap. Hoping to follow your example some day soon x

nikishisler: @Confidential_CC Congratulations Tom. Babies are great! xx

WheresWalles: @Tom_In_Oz_ look how much twitterlove you get what you give! X

WheresWalles: @Tom_In_Oz_ hello Granddaughter_in_Oz_! My my, aren't you a little cutie!

Beth Leigh

twinsmum67: @Tom_In_Oz_ AWWW So beautiful, enjoy every minute and spoil her rotten It's what grandpa's are made for!! X

marcus mccheyne

twinsdad72: @Tom_In_Oz_ ah congrats matey

BoyVirginiaMade: A new bundle of joy for a friend in Oz! "@Tom_In_Oz_: @BoyVirginiaMade pic self explanatory"

BoyVirginiaMade: @Tom_In_Oz_ awwww! Too precious! Congrats again!

Jack Shalloo

jackshalloo: @AWOLTom cute!

Marcus Whitney

marcuswhitney1: @AWOLTom beautiful pic tom

patricia Ledwith

demelza2: @Tom_In_Oz_ so sweet x what a proud Granddad you are x

natasha devedlaka

tashdevmakeup: @Confidential_CC gorgeous :)

Bryony Gordon

bryony_gordon: @Confidential_CC congrats!

Dan Ryan

_DanielRyan: @Confidential_CC Big Aw !! x

JamesAFleet: @RussTov_FanSite Was that a pic of granddaughter? Lovely, congratulations.

RussTov_FanSite: @JamesAFleet yes I am officially a Pa in Oz am way excited still x

Hugh Wright

HRWright: @Confidential_CC Aaaw, congratulations! X

Tom MacRae

tommacwriter: @Confidential_CC congratulations!

Samuel Barnett

mrSamuelBarnett: @Confidential_CC awh bless.

Holly Rixon

nannyhollyrixon: @Confidential_CC oh she is gorgeous!!! X

Chris Jones

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ ok, am a big old softy - but that's made me cry! She's so beautiful! #proudgrandpa!


TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ Aww! Omg, is she the most gorgeous baby in the whole wide world, or what? Tiny bundle of utter cuteness! Proud gramps, me thinks

TaTUM Maggie

TaTUM_Maggie: @Tom_In_Oz_ The proudest GranDad ever xxx

Margaret Hester

webwhore: @Tom_In_Oz_ Oh my goodness, she's one of those unusually cute babies. Congratulations again!! Thank you for sharing her! :D

Victoria Heisner

PRoseish: @Tom_In_Oz_ She's a looker.


Dorina335: @Tom_In_Oz_ gorgeous babe...congrats to mum and urself ...after all uve done all the worrying!

Soozles from Barry

soozles_: @Tom_In_Oz_ - awww she's beautiful. Congrats to all x

Michael Douglas Bosc

michaelbosc: @Tom_In_Oz_ - What a beautiful little girl you must be very proud, congratulations to all hope mum is well love Mike

joooos1: @Tom_In_Oz_ Aw thanks. She's gorgeous! xxx'
Morag Anderson
Friendlymoocow: @Tom_In_Oz_ ooooo wow so amazingly gorgeous! U must be so proud! I'm officially getting broody!

RealMitchell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ fantastic! Congratulations to you and yours! Proud grandad xxx thanks for sharing. Susan

Alan Y :)

AlanYbrum: @Tom_In_Oz_ awwwwwwww congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice one :) :)

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ Awwwwwww!

Lorraine Shuttlewood

FoxyLorri64: @Tom_In_Oz_ - oh she is beautiful Tom!!!! xxxxxxx


Dodochicky: @Tom_In_Oz_ Ah, fair dues... Baby Oz she is! ;) Bless, the best bit'll be giving her back to Mum & Dad when she cries. ;)


Yummymum65000: @Tom_In_Oz_ CONGRATULATIONS!! Is that not the most wonderful sensation? I hope they are all well.

Wendy the good Witch

WDMDLD: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congratulations grandpa, she is so adorable. I can only imagine how proud you are :). Thanks for sharing the pic.


MargMolly: @Tom_In_Oz_ What a beautiful Granddaughter you have!! You and Mrs Oz must be very happy. (And your little girl and her husband of course) xx

WhoGuru: @Tom_In_Oz_ Ohmigosh!! *dies of cute overload* Tom she's perfect!! Absolutely perfect! X

Janey Lawson

janey0142: @Tom_In_Oz_ she is so cute, treasure every second, they grow up so fast x


depecherox: @Tom_In_Oz_awwwwww!!!


NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ Oh she's beautiful!!! X

Chris Mason

BlackpoolNorth: @AWOLTom Nice one!

C Fairclough

Crafter99: @AWOLTom congratulations! Lovely news!!


pirate_moose: @AWOLTom Aww, she's adorable! Congratulations :)

Duane Hudson

fitness39: @AWOLTom congratulation! X

Liz (10) (^_^)

Lionesskeeper: @AWOLTom Aww, congrats Tom

Ian Fletcher

IanAFletcher: @Tom_In_Oz_ oh bless. Congratulations! Xx

Bcgkelly: @Tom_In_Oz_ lovely Tom, B

sage_from_oz: @Tom_In_Oz_ She's lovely Tom. You must be very proud.

Linda Meredith

Dewinters: @Tom_In_Oz_ - Ah bless she's gorgeous you all must so proud :-)


wabbit89: @Tom_In_Oz_ Aaaaaawwwww. Well done, @daughter_in_oz, and welcome @granddaughter_in_oz!


drunkkath: @Tom_In_Oz_ too cute ! Congrats !

Dan Walton

Hysteriaaaaa: @Tom_In_Oz_ gorgeous :) x

MancVamp: @Tom_In_Oz_ OMG! She is sooo beautiful! Congratulations! You must be dead chuffed! Love xxx

Alison Shields

AlisonShields: @Tom_In_Oz_ congratulations ;-)

Simon Best

simonpjbest: @Tom_In_Oz_ Gorgeous. Hope you're all enjoying her.

Jillian Naylor

Hippychick68: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thanks so much for sharing. She's adorable ..... yikes, got me all broody :-) x


_Tweetie_Pie: @Tom_In_Oz_ ah she beautiful!!! :) 

Beth Annie

Beth_Annie_: @Tom_In_Oz_ she is gorgeous x

Anita Foster

Fuzzie67: All I can say is she's Gorgeous , reminds me when my daughter was born


AubreyEMiller: @Tom_In_Oz_ wow am so jealz xxx re your pic

Grace Solci

gracewhatamess: @Tom_In_Oz_ Amazing isn't enough!

Peter Shorney

peacockpete: @AWOLTom Oh congratulations! :) Very happy for you.

Christian Patterson

ChrisP_BFC: @AWOLTom aww congrats Tom, she's gorgeous x

Robert BB

BobbyBeeBee: @AWOLTom she's gorgeous.


TheCowlicker: @Confidential_CC Aww


Janhatesmarmite: @Confidential_CC How absolutely gorgeous, does she take after you? ;) xx


Brendan_Surrey: @Confidential_CC Aww. That's delightful :o)

Fox Mullder

Fox_Mullder: @Confidential_CC awwwwwww Congrats x

Bernie Clugston

BernieClugston: @Confidential_CC congratulations x

susan Robinson

wilbunny: @Confidential_CC Beautiful Granddaughter you have there. You're blessed :))x

Yvonne Kilgallon

WindmillWAG11: @Confidential_CC Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh she's beautiful. Congratulations.


Xpletiv1975: @Confidential_CC aww, proud grand dad x

Sally Lay

TnVol19: @Confidential_CC Too cute! She's smarter than I am..getting some sleep! Congrats granddad! She'll make you proud! Spoil her well.

Kim Dobson

Just__Kim: @Confidential_CC congratulations, she looks beautiful

kyle lehane

kylelehane: @AWOLTom She's precious tom :D congrats to u + family!

Valerie Meachum

valeriemeachum: @AWOLTom Awwwwwwww! #babiesareamazing

Issy VB

issyvb: @AWOLTom awwwwww!!!! Granddaddy!!!!

Irina Opris

BloodyPearl: @Confidential_CC Congratulatioooooons!

Christian FouGallois

LeFouGallois: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congratulations to you and your family! ;) x

Joanie Mc

TREETOP51: @Tom_In_Oz_ Aww ur lil Grandaughter's super cute


beinghumanfan: Just popping in...huge congratulations to @Tom_In_Oz_ and family, she's lovely! All the best to you, mum and baby xx


NoNoNannette30: @Tom_In_Oz_ OMG Tommy she is beautiful! You are going to just SPOIL her, I can see it now! ;)


MargMolly: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hey You!!! Just popped on for a min to say loving the love!! Blog for baby Oz is fab!! xxx


RealMitchell1: @Tom_In_Oz_ great to see all the virtual love from all parts of the globe for you and yours. Thinking of u all again today xxxx

Tom In Oz ✔

Tom_In_Oz_: @RealMitchell1 It's an amazing global village isn't it? I'm constantly amazed that an anonymous blogger from Oz has so many wonderful peeps!

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