Monday, June 13, 2011


happy birthday
boy george

BoyGeorge: To the opportunist paparazzi prick outside my house, FUCK OFF, it's my FUCKING birthday! I hate you!

MatthewCainC4: Thanks for nice feedback everyone! Yes, was tough interview! Have now come to Boy George's birthday party with my twin @russelltovey

Confidential_CC: @MatthewCainC4 @russelltovey Watch out Matt, George turned on the waiting media earlier today! You could be next! lol

MatthewCainC4: So far have spotted Mark Ronson, Jodie Marsh, our sister Will Baker + LOTS of trannies. All dressed like Moroccan princesses! Hilarious!

russelltovey: Coolest party on a Tuesday night.... Boy Georges 50th... Crazy x

_Tweetie_Pie: @russelltovey how very rock n roll!!! Hope you has a good time!! X

MatthewCainC4: Better spots - Mel Blatt, Pete Burns, Janet Street Porter and best of all, just bumped into my sister @will_young31 - I love my sister!

russelltovey: I met Philip Treacy... He gave me a silver thimble... How cool is that??? :-) x
JamesTHooper: @russelltovey I always give my exes thimbles as my last kiss! It's lame but whatevs! He usually gives his away as a greeting kiss!

bryony_gordon: @russelltovey he is LUSH! Showed me his royal wedding hat designs before the big day. I LOVED him. And you, obv x

russelltovey: @bryony_gordon isn't he a dream. And obvs you too x x

bryony_gordon: @russelltovey we must have cocktails soon xx

russelltovey: @bryony_gordon Hell to that YES! x

Bennielawrence: @russelltovey lovely to meet you it's sparkles we will have a proper talk on Thursday at the THT X

russelltovey: @Bennielawrence cool see you then shiny one x

Bennielawrence: @russelltovey haha I do love a bit of sparkle xx

russelltovey: @Bennielawrence April is sooooo sweet... Look after her x

Bennielawrence: @russelltovey I always do mr the Girlies love me strange that lol xx

lornaebennett: @russelltovey but did Philip Treacy use it to make Princess Bea's Picasso hat?

russelltovey: @lornaebennett i think so yes!! (no, I'm sure he has boxes of thousands) yes, yes he did! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan Hey there Chris been so quiet I am tweeting to make sure you are OK??? Hope you are!!

mrchrissullivan: @Tom_In_Oz_ all good thanks not Much to tweet home about !

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan I hope u are keeping up to date with the Tovey/Condou blogs am trying to cover stuff that you might want to know about etc

mrchrissullivan: @BoyGeorge @thefattony hope you had a great birthday! X

camdengiles: @mrchrissullivan @leo_richardson urm....please come homo now. x

leo_richardson: @mrchrissullivan @camdengiles it was bye bye birdie then bye bye Chris! Hurry home please! X

BoyGeorge: @thefattony Thank you a zillion for putting my 50th party together and getting up ladders and everything! It was camp as a purple tent!


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addlebrained ramblings

russelltovey: Sticky Tuesday... But a good sticky... Like a fruit pastel with a glass of juice x

WarmNuts: @russelltovey Moist is a lovely alternative word. One of my favourites actually

russelltovey: @WarmNuts or throb... That's a killer word x

Owen_thornton: @Russelltovey why do you have to be amazing?

russelltovey: @Owen_thornton I don't know... It's sooo draining x

funkyhen: @russelltovey or a sticky toffee

russelltovey: @funkyhen true dat x

Benyboy10: @russelltovey yum almost sounds as good as McDonalds mixed milkshakes that start tommorow ;) tropical and vanilla shake ;)

russelltovey: @Benyboy10 shit off??? Quaaaaaat? X

Benyboy10: @russelltovey lol what?!

russelltovey: Quaaaaaaat? X

KernowChris: @russelltovey Kumquaaaaaaat? (Wiki it!)

korearian: @russelltovey cum?

amundstra: You on the piss again Tovey? Get you and ya addlebrained ramblings!

russmullan: @russelltovey how did sticky tuesday name cum about? :)

Elly_Swe: I just saw that Sweden will not buy any new eps of Being Human with @russelltovey ! Well.. that sucks!

a good day
russelltovey: Is today a good day??? X

NoNoNannette30: @russelltovey Today is absolutely, positively, a beautiful and good day!!! Enjoy!

jonesyinc1: @russelltovey yip! And for you?

Confidential_CC: @jonesyinc1 @russelltovey "yip" - that is "yes" with a New Zealand accent well done son!!! Love Pa x

jonesyinc1: @Confidential_CC @russelltovey I'm a-learning paw! Cx

MikeyJGall: Has been given a Being Human BLACKBERRY BOOM!!!!!

russelltovey: @MikeyJGall hot x

Confidential_CC: @russelltovey @MikeyJGall did you know there is a cheaper Asian version of a Blackberry called a Mulberry? *shish*

ladynickola: @russelltovey might be a good day. Hoping to go into labour

Confidential_CC: @ladynickola @russelltovey is that the political party or the kiddy delivery version?

ladynickola: @Confidential_CC kiddy version

Confidential_CC: @ladynickola well put your legs up & push! Remember 3 choices of name if a boy - Russ @RussellTovey - Chas @CharlieCondou - Thos @Tom_in_Oz_

mammamia67: @russelltovey - Today is a fab day, sun is shining gorgeously hot!! Now into the pool I go lol, bet its bloody freezing :-)

russelltovey: @mammamia67 :-) x

like slipping a dustbin lid over your cornea

russelltovey: New contacts being fitted today... Lupine yellow and hopefully less like slipping a dustbin lid over your cornea x

Confidential_CC: @russelltovey ouch x

marcuswhitney1: @russelltovey that makes me sad x

webwhore: @russelltovey ehhem.. so it's confirmed you'll still be a werewolf in Series 4, then? We're desperate for anything :D :D Cornea well wishes.

MikeyJGall: @russelltovey really let's just have fun in the sun!!!!!!!

RussTov_FanSite: @MikeyJGall @russelltovey it's ironic, you go to a week of read throughs and they stick things in your eyes! lol


russelltovey: Omfg.... Embarrassing bodies!!!!!! This is horrific x

6MisSDeBzz9: @russelltovey tell me about it! love seeing a women with her legs spread..... coughing! while im eating my tea!.......nice! x

amandahosking: @russelltovey have you got the tape measure and scales out too? No? Just me then. Ahem.

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Russ re "Embarrassing Bodies" did you know it is one of the secret pleasures of @JamesaFleet?

JulianClary: @russelltovey Wilma Fingerdoo

(The above tweet was sent 5th June 2011 & Russ was a bit slow in responding)

russelltovey: @JulianClary hiya! X

charrfeehilyTK: @russelltovey fancy tweeting a mahoosive fan :-)?

russelltovey: @charrfeehilyTK :-) x

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