Wednesday, June 15, 2011


russelltovey: #epicrain really enjoying this ridiculous rain, it's almost filmic x

MargMolly: @russelltovey Not raining in Essex yet !! x

FoxyLorri64: @russelltovey Morning handsome! I do love the words you use! Have a fabby day! xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan Inviting u 4 a day visit 2 show off Hunter Valley vineyards etc B4 u go home best wineries in the world - don't have to accept mate - just an offer B4 u go back 2 Blighty x

mrchrissullivan: @Tom_In_Oz_ I have already done the Hunter valley thanks tom, but cheers for the offer

russelltovey: Tracey Emin at the Hayward: A 100% must see! X

FrancesCottrell: @russelltovey But IS IT her bottom on the posters? This is the question on everybody's mind...

russelltovey: @FrancesCottrell yes! X

russelltovey: RT @DHPLover: @russelltovey @Jack_Marshall_ is a terminally ill 5 yr old with brain cancer could we try & get #trendingjackmarshall

HereisWotIThink: @russelltovey oh no not the jack marshal scam again. What is it with these people. They are worse than sick setting up stuff like this.

DHPLover: I'm trying my best @Jack_Marshall_ & I've managed retweets from @idriselba @russelltovey and @JamesaFleet among others #trendingjackmarshall

dan_warin: @russelltovey I'm planning on going. Saw it in @attitudemag this month. Looks fab! ....could do with a guide tho? Know anyone? Hehe

russelltovey: @dan_warin I would admittedly be an exceptional guide... X

MikeyJGall: @russelltovey work up in the Sant Davies Hotel was a dreaming

MikeyJGall: @russelltovey no I really did go to take that! VIP x

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall I didn't ask B4 have U been 2 the Tovey BLOG 2 read of your own exploits - nice record for all concerned - like a Twitter diary!

MikeyJGall: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mikeyjgall how do I look at them?

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall this is the blog address for Russell depending if your phone can do Internet of course

MikeyJGall: Is in the studio for the first time waiting for Lenora to turn up! It's very exciting currently sat in the kitchen tea please!

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall Hope U R OK with having ur avatar & tweets on the blog. If not let me know but hopefully all good publicity 4 team Being Human.

MikeyJGall: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mikeyjgall that's all good with me hope you having a good day!

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall just sponsoring Russell's TV dad @JamesaFleet in a charity event...bloody Visa transactions are messy online but done finally xx

JamesaFleet: Now's your chance to sponsor me on a grueling motorbike trip for charity. Be the first. Tell me if the page thing works

Tom_In_Oz_: @JamesaFleet yep it works x but sound dangerous...and bugs in your teeth!!

JamesaFleet: @Tom_In_Oz_ Thank you so much Tom. Bugs watch out.

russelltovey: Pablo bronstein at the ICA is cool x

russelltovey: RT @MedicZero @russelltovey My Mom, Patricia McGuire is having heart surgery today. Would you be kind enough to retweet for prayers & well wishes for her.

robhall: Nice to bump into @russelltovey whilst strolling to the British Museum earlier today. Would've said hello but he was on the phone :(

katypegg: A veritable feast of fabulousness at the #bridesmaids screening. Oh hai @EmmaK67 @nickjfrost @russelltovey @katie_khan @serafinowicz

russelltovey: @katypegg oh hai!!! :-) x

katypegg: @russelltovey So lovely to meet you! DM me your email and I'll send you our new catalogues so you can pick some stuff

nicokyle: @russelltovey I hate you and I wish you would die. :(

russelltovey: @nicokyle cold...

nicokyle: @russelltovey well you didn't seem to appreciate it when i showed you love so i changed tac! Thanks for the reply! :D

Kezz_RTvey_ESxB: @russelltovey it's my biirthday tomorrow...16th;D and it wouuld proper make myy day I got a tweet frrom youu :') *coough* xxx

russelltovey: @Kezz_RTvey_ESxB happy *cough* 16th... Hope you get that chest infection sorted soon x

NeatFreak_: @Kezz_RTvey_ESxB @russelltovey Happy birthday for tomorrow :)

russelltovey: Just been to a 'Bridesmaids' screening... And yes it is v v good... I cried, I laughed, I cringed.. I wanna get married x

JaredofMo: @russelltovey Do you need a bride or groom? (Or both?)

SineadKeenan: Why is it that on Embarrassing Bodies they never concentrate on the mundane areas like the throat or ears, it's always the genitalia???

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan and there is nothing mundane about ears x

russelltovey: Helicopters circling above, search beam shining everywhere... There's a nutter on the loose ladies and gentleman x

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan did you enjoy #bridesmaids ?

SineadKeenan: @Tom_In_Oz_ Haven't seen in yet to be honest! x

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan I thought you may have by now...just wanted an opinion...have not heard from you for ages...just checking to see if you are OK?

SineadKeenan: @Tom_In_Oz_ All good thanks. Hope all's well Down Under! x

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan we've had a lot of flooding locally some of the kids in my school in temp accommodation but life is all good for the family Oz

MikeyJGall: I am watching The Apprentice feet up glass of wine! Sofa stuck in the hallway! I give up!!!

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall makes watching the telly hard from that angle!!

MikeyJGall: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mikeyjgall any ideas welcome of how I get it in?

Tom_In_Oz_: @MikeyJGall remove legs? Or take outside in bring in open window side?

NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ @mikeyjgall Take it up the stairs a bit further then bring it down again at a better angle. If all else fails..burn baby, burn!

MikeyJGall: @NeatFreak_ @tom_in_oz_ @mikeyjgall it will stay there for weeks! Once we start shooting I will not have time! It's Tricky

Tom_In_Oz_: I am welcoming a new "celeb" follower - clue: let's just say in season three Being Human @russelltovey looked up to him & @SineadKeenan obv

Here is a recap of some Twitter moments with Michael Gallivan the new assistant director for season four of Being Human:

Tom_In_Oz_: @bbcbeinghuman @russelltovey Aussie fans of Being Human, Season 3 starts on ABC2 TV tonight in 2 hours at 8:30pm repeated following Tuesday!

MikeyJGall: @Tom_In_Oz_ @bbcbeinghuman @russelltovey Hope all the Aussie fans enjoy Being Human

MikeyJGall: Hello new followers! hope your having a good weekend in the sun! been looking at old Being Human photos do you want to see?

MikeyJGall: Is going to Being Human HQ tomorrow! Time to slick that hair back! It's getting close to filming time!

russelltovey: Tight ball bag or baggy... Discuss x

MikeyJGall: @russelltovey big baggy no hair thankyou!!!!!

MikeyJGall: @russelltovey I'm still very very confused about Episode 1 re-reading as I watch the rain here in not so sunny Ibiza!

MikeyJGall: Is in being Human HQ! A have a lovely hat on!

Above & below: Russell Tovey (George) and Lucy Gaskill (Sam) in a few scenes from Being Human season two.

Above: Inner Bristol on a night shoot for Being Human season two

Above: Totterdown a suburb of inner Bristol where the first two seasons of Being Human were filmed.

Below: Russell Tovey from Fantastic Man Magazine 2011

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