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Would you like

Russell Tovey art

at your place?

Have you seen the canvas art prints (drawings) of Russell? They have been available on Amazon for a while but now they have appeared on Ebay, £10 plus £4 postage. Cheers, and thanks John (jaybs) for sharing this information - Tom_In_Oz_

Below: Russell Tovey in X Factor judge Louis' dressing room

20-11-2010 courtesy of Boyd Hilton on Twitter


has breakdown at the end of XFactor.

Read about his life of Essex

& his road to recovery...

20-11-2010 mrchrissullivan: Is very excited - 1st ever visit to the X-factor live with @russelltovey and @boydhilton. Don't worry, I promise I won't damage Wagner... x

20-11-2010 Boydhilton: @mrchrissullivan @russelltovey it's going to be interesting!

20-11-2010 mrchrissullivan: @boydhilton @russelltovey I really admire Katie, and I do think she is really talented, but after a while u think "take the sodding hint"!!

20-11-2010 mrchrissullivan: is at the X Factor - bring it on!!!

20-11-2010 russelltovey: Back at the X Factor!! I am properly lucky; it's all thanks to legendary @boydhilton the great... X :-)

20-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan @boydhilton @russelltovey You tragics...! Now, if you only went to something I liked, I would love you more!!!

20-11-2010 Hughbon: @russelltovey blow us all a kiss on telly. Go on.

(Above: this is Hugh Bonneville the respected TV actor)

20-11-2010 russelltovey: @hughbon I'll blow YOU a kiss superBon x

20-11-2010 Farperoo: @russelltovey are you after matt as well ? :)?

20-11-2010 russelltovey: 7 minutes to go!! X

20-11-2010 bigjohnmacleod: @russelltovey blahblah. Apparently the place to be to watch it is Bonham Road. Dunno if it's true, but I heard that. (I'm jealous!!!)

20-11-2010 evilcheltdevil: @boydhilton Just WHAT is @russelltovey doing in Louis's dressing room?? (of ALL people) #xfactor

20-11-2010 t280462: @boydhilton @russelltovey just be careful in case the bad man touches

20-11-2010 TheGreatCuddler: @russelltovey so I assume the couch is filthy with bits of white after that pic was taken!

20-11-2010 ChrisH367: @russelltovey Anything exciting? X

20-11-2010 kimbo1605: @russelltovey Lucky Bugger, I bet the atmosphere is amazing! P.s I only remember you from Ultimate Force but my hubby says you're amazing :)

20-11-2010 katypegg: Hello @russelltovey I see your here at X Factor tonight too. Enjoy!

20-11-2010 lauriepink: @russelltovey don’t be putting your old chap on his table and stuff - he'll know

20-11-2010 russelltovey: Loved Cher!!! X

20-11-2010 CraigRoberts10: @russelltovey Cher sucks!

20-11-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey Sorry Matey she has too much EGO and all the slap on her face scrape it off and arghhhhhh One Direction rubbish MATT GREAT

20-11-2010 heasgarnich: @russelltovey Okay, you've just gone down in my estimations. *shun!*

20-11-2010 impurrfection: @russelltovey I will assume you mean the proper one... ;o)

20-11-2010 thejamesmax: Why? She was dreadful. RT @russelltovey: Loved Cher!!! X

20-11-2010 mojito_69: @russelltovey just like those stairs she is going nowhere! Matt to win x

20-11-2010 russelltovey: Ooooo drama!!!! Wagner is something else hahaha x

20-11-2010 Naomi_101: @russelltovey Have you met him? Is he as completely demented as he appears?

20-11-2010 Russelltovey: @Naomi_101 yep x

20-11-2010 Naomi_101: @russelltovey Ha! Well that's encouraging to know. Hope you're having a fab time. X

20-11-2010 ormsbyxx: @russelltovey what's the atmosphere like in the break? Share share share.....:-

20-11-2010 russelltovey: @ormsbyxx people from the audience are invited on stage to sing... X

20-11-2010 ormsbyxx: @russelltovey noooo!!!!!!!!! We're glued after That nasty Cheryl moment! Wagner is legend!!!! Keep the twits coming. You're the official x commentator! X

20-11-2010 russelltovey: Maybe Katie has turned it all around?? X

20-11-2010 MarkFranklin123: @russelltovey not according to everyone else on Twitter!!!!! X

20-11-2010 shumpy1880: @russelltovey aw man, thought u had more style than to like xfactor!!! Uncool!!!

20-11-2010 Dodochicky: @Tom_In_Oz_ Ooh, awesome report Tom, but methinks not even the fabulous Mr Tovey could tempt me to watch.

20-11-2010 russelltovey: Katie waissel is the sweetest person ever x

20-11-2010 slummymummy21: @russelltovey Nooooo! She's got you. Don't look into its eyes!

20-11-2010 mjl1970: @russelltovey no she's evil. get away now, save yourself x

20-11-2010 RoseBennett2010: @russelltovey :O( feel bad now lol x

20-11-2010 davemorrisey64: @russelltovey she looks like Frodo tho doesn't she?

20-11-2010 carlgreenwood: @russelltovey Please say you know that because you ate her?

20-11-2010 emslj: So... conflicted... and confused... RT @russelltovey : Katie waissel is the sweetest person ever x

20-11-2010 AaronJSmith: @russelltovey what?!? R u nuts?!?

20-11-2010 Gaycard: @russelltovey you seem like you have major contacts with xfactor. hook me up with tickets and i'll love you more than i already do :)

20-11-2010 _hairylee: U funny man RT @russelltovey: Katie waissel is the sweetest person ever x

20-11-2010 Whiterabbit123: "@russelltovey: Katie waissel is the sweetest person ever x" true. Hope she gets through she deserves it x (=

20-11-2010 Tweeting_keith: @russelltovey Oh, Russell. Don't. Please, no. You're better than that.

20-11-2010 Badlydrawnroy: @russelltovey NOOOOOOO

20-11-2010 Sammyisawombat: @russelltovey Do you like her? cos no one i know likes her and i think she really good :)

20-11-2010 Scouserachel: @russelltovey with the worst hair.

20-11-2010 Damola2000: @russelltovey katie w??? for real?

11:34pm 20-11-2010 russelltovey: Cars broke down on route to Essex! X poop

21-11-2010 georgie_guy: @russelltovey cars plural? How decadent

20-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey 7,000 fans now driving all over looking for broken down car and Russell Tovey! LOL

20-11-2010 kylelehane: @russelltovey sorry to hear that dude:( :(

20-11-2010 JonesLee: That’s probably fates way of saying you shouldn't go to Essex @russelltovey

20-11-2010 prawnghost: @russelltovey Could it be karma for praising the Waissel? You never know :)

20-11-2010 boydhilton: @russelltovey fuck! Hope everything's OK. And what a night!! X

20-11-2010 Russelltovey: @boydhilton amazing right!!!! Thanks again super B x

20-11-2010 Houseofvoltaire: @russelltovey Pablo Bronstein, Peter Peri, signed Pet Shop Boys.. x

20-11-2010 russelltovey: @Houseofvoltaire nice one!! Congrats!! What was the big sale of the day? X

12:04am 21-11-2010 20-11-2010 russelltovey: @Houseofvoltaire The Peter Peri sold, cool and the Pablos... Awesome!! Congrats!!! Is the Barlow still there? X

12:09am 21-11-2010 Houseofvoltaire: @russelltovey So happy! Barlow still there - someone coming tomorrow for a second look. Looking forward to next Sat! xx

12:30am 21-11-2010 russelltovey: @houseofvoltaire let me know what they think... I'm excited too... Too much x

12:50am 21-11-2010 mrjasonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ is russell alright? Just got out of the theaters and I heard. What happened?

12:50am 21-11-2010 Tom_In_Oz_: @mrjasonlor don't know if he is OK but he did have a car break down @russelltovey has not let us know if he's fine.

1:01am 21-11-2010 mrjajonlor: @Tom_In_Oz_ that's a relief, car breakdown is bad, but I thought you meant breakdown as in rush to the hospital breakdown. I almost fainted.

21-102010 JJSCOMING: @russelltovey You're a rich star, you should ride a limo.

21-102010 nuwave86: @russelltovey I think your a friend of a friend. I could be wrong and he may know a Russell Tovey of no fame though!

21-102010 muckypup64: @russelltovey essex woop!

21-102010 RoryThomasCole: @russelltovey @boydhilton are you two married or what? You should be.

Below: Russell Tovey in X Factor judge Louis' dressing room

with Boyd Hilton 20-11-2010 courtesy of Boyd Hilton on Twitter

News travels fast on Twitter

20-11-2010 Winky_Cutto: Russell Tovey... I love you a little bit (and totally age appropriate for me!)

20-11-2010 hrstump: Just saw a commercial for the US @beingHuman & I miss the @russelltovey already. It hasn't even started yet!

20-11-2010 Callum20: @russelltovey Do you look at much art work then? :) do you do any of your own, on doing a degree in fine art ATM would be nice to talk :) xx

20-11-2010 TrentWBaddeley: Just finished watching first season of 'being human', loved is, good work @russelltovey

20-11-2010 frscaper_here: I'm back following @russelltovey & good to hear @MatthewCainC4 seems happier after his 'pathway' tweet. Now look after each other :)

20-11-2010 20-11-2010 jaybs: @russelltovey, all this keeping us informed about the art world, how about you doing a weekly national newspaper column ? J Xx

20-11-2010 LDNAccess: Royal college of art. Just bought a Tracey emin postcard! yes! No point queuing now

20-11-2010 russelltovey: @ LDNAccess are you selling? X

20-11-2010 tomjeffreys: Me, Francesca Gavin, Maureen Paley, Ingrid Z and Russel Tovey - Art World Insiders:

20-11-2010 houseofvoltaire: House of Voltaire: THE EVER LOVELY RUSSELL TOVEY

Russell is backing a new art venture at the House of Voltaire. Below he is in a few photos with the staff. He and Rob Diament will be guest $hopkeeper$ on Saturday 27th November. Opening times: 11am to 7pm. Russell has not confirmed what hours he will be in attendance so don't be disappointed if you are too late or too early.

Above: Russell and Joe Scotland

Above: Dawn Mellor, Russell Tovey and Julie Verhoeven

Russell Tovey

then and now!

Above: Russell Tovey 2006 when he was a fresh-faced kid in the N.Y. run of the play The History Boys.

Below: Some Russell Tovey pics from 2010.

The trip to UK is coming to an end

Tom_In_Oz_ : @russelltovey Went Bath 2 Fishguard, Granston Hall (ancestral home) back 2 Pembroke Dock 4 2night. New Quay Wales 2morrow ancestral village! Only 3 weeks 2 go & back 2 Oz.

Tom_In_Oz_ : @Dorina335 @matthewcainc4 @jaybs @russelltovey @sineadkeenan pic of one of my ancestral homes Granston Hall Wales

Dorina335: @ Tom_In_Oz_ - Impressive!

Tom_In_Oz_ : @Dorina335 Took me four years and bunch of people today to locate the residence but hey nice eh?

Tom_In_Oz_ : @russelltovey 3 weeks left before we go back to Oz. Can relax now after marathon effort today. Our newspaper article in Norfolk is out BTW

Tom_In_Oz_ : @Beautiful_Train: Tom in the Norfolk newspaper (on line version) sent you DM link about my first fleet ancestor.

Dorina335: really interesting article an amazing ancestry u have!

Beautiful_Train: @Tom_In_Oz_ Cheers Sir. Very interesting! Elizabeth Pulley sounds very intriguing. Good luck with your investigations!

There's no business
like snow business...

The end is in sight...

Tom in Oz reporting from Pembroke Dock Wales. In the last few days Mrs Oz and I have continued our quest to find headstones, houses, farms etc that were once ancestral connections. Yesterday we finally found Granston Hall near Fishguard - a mammoth day of orienteering!.

Today we went to New Quay Wales where my Phillips ancestors helped turn the village from agricultural to maritime. The Phillips family were master mariners and shipwrights who had become quite wealthy by the 19th Century and their descendants travelled the world and settled far and wide.

My great grandfather sailed a paddle-wheel tugboat from Bristol to Oz in the 1870s and never returned to the UK. He used the tugboat as his residence at the time of his marriage in 1882. He also went from engineer to captain of the vessel just prior to his marriage. Great grandfather had trained and worked on the HMS Trincomalee (a tourist attraction nowadays in Hartlepool) and the HMS Warrior (a tourist attraction nowadays in Portsmouth).

Below: Tom's tour of New Quay Wales... Part 1.

Press play:

Below: Tom's tour of New Quay Wales... Part 2.

Press play:

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