Saturday, July 31, 2010


Monster Island News

Written By: Ken Hulsey July 2010
Photos By: April Hulsey

Well, actually this ComicCon outing one was experienced by my wife April. You see, while I was waiting in another line, my darling wife became really excited after looking through the event's program book and said that she had to go and see something and that if she didn't go right now, she would miss it. Being a typical husband I asked, "What is it?" Being a typical wife she responded, "It's a surprise." If you’re married then you understand this type of communication (or lack off) all too well.

Anyway, to make a long story short, my wife had discovered that a signing by the cast of the BBC series, "Being Human", was going on at that very moment just one floor below us. Such was the case with literally everything that happens at Comic Con, there is at least a dozen cool things happening at the same time, and unless you are some kind of savant and can read through a hundred page program book, and retain the info, you are likely to miss something.

Just before my son and I reached the front of the line for "Ghost Adventures", my wife appeared just outside the queue, smiling that wonderful smile of hers with a signed card from the cast of "Being Human" in hand. Granted, I was a little sad that I hadn't gotten to meet them, but at least she got to, and I was about to meet the "Ghost Adventures" cast and she wasn't going to be able to. Fair is fair. April commented that the entire cast was just "unbelievably beautiful" and were "really friendly and easy to talk to".

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