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29-1-2012 Tom in Oz and Charlie Condou both trending on Twitter with the release of the Guardian article below by Charlie. Charlie was trending in London mostly and Tom in Sydney.

Charlie Condou in Coronation Street
Gay actors shouldn't worry about coming out, Sunday 29 January 2012 16.00 GMT
Charlie Condou

[…Some of Hollywood's most bankable actors are openly gay. Ian McKellen, for example, starring in some of the highest grossing franchises in cinematic history such as Lord of the Rings and X-Men, had his most commercially successful period as an actor after he came out in 1988. Look at how the career of Russell Tovey, openly gay from the start and one of this country's brightest young prospects, has blossomed. And my co-star on Coronation Street, Jeremy Sheffield, is still very much the housewives' choice and leading-man material – he's been out since he started. So why all the fuss?..]

This is an excerpt of Charlie’s article. If you would like to read the complete article click HERE

Don't forget that I also run a blog for actor Charlie Condou HERE

Russell makes a tit of himself on a Sunday

russelltovey: Usual Sunday for me.... X

russelltovey: I've had a bowl of Cheerios this morning... Skimmed milk... contemplating a banana... This Sunday has gone off... x
Sheridan Smith
Sheridansmith1: Eddie Redmayne is in a league of his own. His performance in Richard II last night was astonishing. Most watchable & interesting actor around.
russell tovey
russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 cough cough... x
russell tovey
russelltovey: Which of my followers has the biggest tits..? I'd love to know.... x

Chris Struthers
strutherschris: @russelltovey Me, obvs.

russell tovey

russelltovey: @strutherschris sensational xrusselltovey: 38E is winning so far... X
Alistair Nichols
AlistairNichols: @russelltovey can boys join in... Mines 44" and growing!
russelltovey: @AlistairNichols hot! X
Kate Martin
kmm1978: @russelltovey ha! 36G why are you playing this game though?
russelltovey: By the way I've no idea why I'm playing this game but it's kinda fun :-) x
Claire Miller
ClaireEM73: @russelltovey I went out with a 5'8" tit for 14 years then got rid of him - does that count??
russelltovey: @ClaireEM73 yep x
Gail Susan Breslin
hopalong39: @russelltovey I leaned forward once to shake someone's hand in a pub. Cleared the whole table of drinks. It didn't go down well.
russelltovey: @hopalong39 amazing! X
russelltovey RT @gunputhh: Just booked tickets for #storiesbeforebedtime was too excited by the fact that  @twhiddleston and @russelltovey are reading!
russelltovey: To be honest wittys I've no understanding of what all the numbers and letters mean when it comes to ya bangers.. I'd need to see pics ;-) x
russelltovey: I'm serious... X
russelltovey: Seriously kidding... I'm about to eat Nandos x
Ross Heighway
RossHeighway: @russelltovey Him and Her is shit.
russelltovey: @RossHeighway you should take reviewing up as a profession
Ross Heighway
RossHeighway: @russelltovey It is my profession and i reviewed Him and Her and concluded that it was indeed shit.
russelltovey: @RossHeighway freedom of speech... Be happy Ross

3rdpersonphotos: @russelltovey I wrote you off as a one trick jack the lad pony till I saw Sherlock. Sorry x

russelltovey: @3rdpersonphotos nice thank you x

russelltovey: RT @bbcbeinghuman: This EXACT time next week, the return of  #beinghuman - 9pm, Feb 5th on BBC3 - hoooooowwwwwllll!

Lauren Turner-Ashman

LaurenTAukEP: @russelltovey Hey :) just saying that I think your an amazing actor! I love you in Being Human and I can't wait for the new series! :) xx

russelltovey: @LaurenTAukEP Thank you! x
russelltovey: Actually just drunk a mug of ovaltine but can't sleep yet as the washing machine and dishwasher are doing their ting.. x
s. t. sastrawidjaja
stsastrawidjaja: @russelltovey uh, tamps, the machines will work without you being ernie is on my lap snoring.
russelltovey: @stsastrawidjaja I know Creamy but an alarm goes off when they are finished and will wake me x
s. t. sastrawidjaja
stsastrawidjaja: @russelltovey oh tamps #bourgeoisproblems
russelltovey:… love love love this x
Tony Broderick
our_tone: @russelltovey The acting is almost as powerful as in this…
russelltovey: @our_tone  wtf??? hahahah x

Dorina335: Thanks to @Tom_In_Oz_  for putting up @russelltovey Radio2 chat with Graham Norton. V enjoyable listening....loved the fun & laughter!


Sunday 29th Jan 2012 started with me in Oz talking to my twin Tom Markstahler in Germany. I was having breakfast and he was about to go to sleep. I told him that I had a vision about snow coming and when he woke up 6 hours later sure enough, snow! In the meantime I had been out all day at the Hunter Valley Gardens, Pokolbin NSW, in high summer heat, babysitting my grandchildren.
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @demelza2  @rudehamster it's still cold there in Germany Tommy saw blinking snowflake symbol on car dashboard in a little vision just then
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @markmmerrett @demelza2 @rudehamster No snow so far this winter, but...
 Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @demelza2  @rudehamster  it looks promising for snow then - I just saw one snowflake symbol flashing…
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @demelza2 @markmmerrett Good morning from Germany... It's snowing over here.
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @demelza2  @rudehamster  so my little vision of a snow flake meant nothing eh - you got more than just one flake! LOL *failed vision*
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @demelza2 @markmmerrett I can't photograph it as there is no snow staying on floor or rooftops so far.
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @demelza2  @rudehamster   just don't go out and get cold.....btw you already sent pics of big snow from previous times
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @demelza2 @markmmerrett But look at this. Someone has really bad dandruff in Kehl! 😉 
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @TMarkstahler  @markmmerrett  @demelza2  @rudehamster   I like the fact I saw snow flake symbol vision....I've still got my psychotic link my psycho twin Tommy x
TMarkstahler: @Tom_In_Oz_ @demelza2 @markmmerrett Yes, being linked to you is scary!

joooos1: Have a lovely Sunday everyone.....even the spammers (!)
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @joooos1 chocs away!! That means put those chocs away!!!
joooos1: @Tom_In_Oz_ lol! How did you know?
Tom In Oz ✔
Tom_In_Oz_: @joooos1 my twin @TMarkstahler can tell you am slightly psychic just knew you had chocs don't ask me how it just happens...

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