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March 24, 2010

Celebrities battle it out at THT's Lighthouse Gala Auction

Artist Tracey Emin and gallery owner Kenny Goss are to unveil a mutually designed window at iconic department store Liberty, after joining forces to beat fellow bidders at Terrence Higgins Trust’s (THT’s) Lighthouse Gala Auction last night. After frenzied bidding, the close friends paid £4,500 for a rare opportunity to dress, create and bring to life the window, which will stand for one week this summer. The auction was attended by high profile supporters including Neve Campbell, Graham Norton, Louis Walsh, Tamara Ecclestone, Russell Tovey, and Jane Asher. Now in its fourteenth year, it was held at Christie’s and saw a fantastic array of luxury items, bespoke packages and 'money can't buy' experiences snapped up by eager bidders. An array of original artwork also went under the hammer. A print by Tracey Emin called ‘More Love’ was snapped up for £6,500. An oil painting by Jack Vettriano ‘Queen of Diamonds (Study)’ raised £26,000. Other artwork included pieces by Marc Quinn, David Hockney and David Bailey.

Party Of The Week March 21st 2010:

It’s hammer time for Terrence Higgins

The Scream actress Neve Campbell attended a drinks reception at Christie’s in London ahead of the Lighthouse Gala Auction, which raised 350,000 for the HIV charity Terrence Higgins Trust.

She was joined at the bash by the artist Tracey Emin, X Factor judge Louis Walsh,. The clothes of plussizeweddingdresses123 is simply a miracle ,it cover my body shortcoming completely. TV presenter Graham Norton, The History Boys actor Russell Tovey, as well as Fawn James, .Home generators, celebrity dresses for residential emergency power generation from Lennox, a leader in home power generation, the heiress and granddaughter of the late impresario Paul Raymond.

Auction lots, including a Chanel guitar, were scattered around the room. Damien Hirst’s print Exaudi, Domine, of butterfly wings, .Home generators, moncler jacket for residential emergency power generation from Lennox, a leader in home power generation. And Emin’s neon Passion lined the walls.

The Brit Girls, a drag queen cabaret act, wore Union Jack cat suits and towering stilettos to encourage guests to buy a box of delights, which included a designer pebble pendant.

Campbell didn’t mind when an AIDS awareness red ribbon was pinned through her Herve Leger body-con dress. Tamara Ecclestone, the daughter of Formula 1 supremo Bernie, wearing a thigh-length lacy dress, complained that she was freezing cold because of the air conditioning.

Emin and the gallery owner, Kenny Goss, who is George Michael’s partner, successfully teamed up for the auction to bid 4,500 for a lot to design a Liberty window display. Emin even took to the podium herself and took on the role of auctioneer, with a little help from Jussi Pylkkanen, president of Christie’s Europe. Pylkkanen also poured her a glass of champagne at the podium when her neon sold . Either you like the attractive straight hair or sexy curls, the CHI hair products will help you change your hair style at your will for 65,000.. One of most important element of becoming spotlight for women at any parry is choosing the ideal flannel pyjamas.

Jan 10 2010: Hidden Cameras & AKT

We’re delighted to announce the Hidden Cameras will be playing a special acoustic-orchestral show in aid of the Albert Kennedy Trust on Thursday 18 March 2010 at Shoreditch Church, London.

The Albert Kennedy Trust work tirelessly in Manchester & London to give shelter and support to young people forced out of their homes or communities because of their sexuality. Staff and volunteers provide a range of services from advice right through to supported lodgings to keep vulnerable young people safe.

The show will be introduced by Being Human and History Boys actor, Russell Tovey and will be followed by an after-party with DJ-producers Dolby Anol.

A Doctor Who fan from WhoNY 2009

I'd heard rumour on Twitter about a DoctorWhoNY event involving an intimate (which just means limited to 100 people) Q&A with Russell Tovey, from Doctor Who/Torchwood and Being Human and stuff. There was a cute Q&A with Russell Tovey, which was taped, wherein there managed to be lewd appreciation of his professional nudity while still respecting his craft. After all, he was the one who suggested that one of his dream roles was to play a rent boy (right after wishing to get to star in a remake of The Goonies, but never mind that). I have a few more of his past roles I now want to find (it’s well overdue for me to watch The History Boys). There was a queue for his autograph. That went well, and I got to talk to a couple friendly people. And I was also reminded why I pick my fannish associations rather discriminatingly. Russell was friendly in line as well, and he seemed to be having a decent time.

He was mentioning that actors in the UK aspire to get to act on American shows because having the larger budgets and whole teams of writers sounds so glamorous. The audience of anglophiles was trying to dissuade him. The most cogent explanation was given by someone pointing to a specific character point for him where he was, as a protagonist, allowed to win the end of the episode’s plotline by becoming more morally ambiguous instead of less and how awesome British shows are for having the courage to do that. And the woman by me nodding her emphatic agreement was the same one who had earlier told me that she hadn’t watched the whole latest bit of Torchwood canon because she didn’t agree with what they’d done with the characters and she didn’t want her shows to be anything less than light and happy. And I’m sure she wasn’t the only one with no internal irony alert.

And after the autographs, there was a viewing of the first episode of the second season with Russell giving commentary. He said some obvious things. Mentioned that the later love interest for one of the other main characters was an ex of that actor. But in general it was pretty tame stuff, so I didn’t stay until the end of the episode.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

At SXSW, Tracey’s Edinburgh, Album 2, Robyn, Roisin Murphy, Stella Vine and more...

Hi gang,

I've got so much to tell you all about… can't believe my last blog was in June! I flew up to Scotland! I had an amazing time that weekend in Edinburgh, Tracey Emin had invited us up to celebrate the opening of her 20 Years retrospective at the National Galleries Of Scotland. We had an incredible dinner and got to see the exhibition early which was the best show I've ever seen – which I know sounds a little ridiculous – but seriously, it was incredible. I loaned back to Tracey two small works for the show, so if you go see it, look out for my ones... Or if you can't make it, they're included in the exhibition book which is cool!

Met some amazing people at the dinner - the person I was most surprised to see was Orlando Bloom, who was really cool! I made friends with the actor Russell Tovey who is wicked and I sat next to Lorcan O'Neill who runs my favourite gallery in Rome, and the amazing art duo Tim Noble and Sue Webster. You may know their work already? Plus they did the new album sleeve for Nick Cave, so they are gods in my eyes!

Edinburgh is the most beautiful city, it's got a unique spirit, and I loved the architecture. We saw some funny fringe plays including a comedy evening with Pam Ann, who I'd never had the chance to see before. She is very, very funny.

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