Thursday, August 4, 2011



sirdavidw: May have just met @russelltovey in Rupert Street bar.


guy_interruptd: Fuck, fuck, fuckity fuck. Busted my knee doing squats at the gym. Argh! Just been sitting in the office with an ice pack on it :(

russelltovey: @guy_interruptd oh mate? :-( x

guy_interruptd: @russelltovey I limped home and it's throbbing like a bastard :(

If the shoe fits!


Russell wears it!

russelltovey: Who can get hold of a pair of Adidas 'Resplits' in a mid 9.5uk? Go! X

Brashtastic: @Sheridansmith1 @russelltovey good shaft work guys!

russelltovey: @Brashtasti thanks Brash!

HRWright: Anyone help Russell find his dream shoes? RT @russelltovey: Who can get hold of a pair of Adidas 'Resplits' in a mid 9.5uk? Go! X

russelltovey: RT @HRWright: Anyone help Russell find his dream shoes? RT @russelltovey: Who can get hold of a pair of Adidas 'Resplits' in a mid 9.5uk? Go! X

_llamaface: @russelltovey they're in Schuh in a 10? If that's at all helpful?

russelltovey: @_llamaface what's the link super llama? X

Miss_Collier: @russelltovey half price ;-) x

russelltovey: @Miss_Collier amaze! Thanks! X

russelltovey: @Miss_Collier bought! Thankyou!! X

russelltovey: Thanks to twitter I have just found and acquired a new pair of Adidas sneakers! Thanks detective Wittys X

zombee6: @russelltovey I love how celebs get shit for free. /sarcasm I can't even get a free autographed photo of @russelltovey :(

russelltovey: @zombee6 They weren't free, I bought them, but they were sourced by the twit wittys... With much appreciation! X


russelltovey: RT @KevinLehane: Do guys with long hair realise that if women left their hair get in the same condition we'd assume they suffered from depression.

russelltovey: RT @stevenjcurry: @russelltovey Any chance for a shout out to a huge fan who had his appendix out 5 hours ago? Okay, maybe not huge, but totally respectable!

russelltovey: @stevenjcurry hope you have a quick recovery x

stevenjcurry: @russelltovey Thank you! :)

bryony_gordon: I was so tired last night I fell asleep at 10pm and woke up this morning still clutching my blackberry.

RussTov_FanSite: @bryony_gordon is blackberry a euphemism?

bryony_gordon: @RussTov_FanSite no!

Ralphwjbrown: #ff @mrjamesnunn @realmlombard @ronniethompson @actornabil @sheridansmith1 @russelltovey @jacko_c @TheRealKano @jamesmoran #TowerBlock

russelltovey: RT @thestandardarts: Ben Luke reviews Ryan Mosley at Alison Jacques Gallery: @Alison_Jacques

Schlock and awe

robdiament: Sitting in a central Glasgow cafe, and I can confirm Scotland is the best place to be when it's raining. It always looks so beautiful!

robdiament: Walking round British Art Show 7 with Mr Fullerton. Looks really great here, the best I've seen it so far.

russelltovey: @robdiament take Becky Beasley photos please!! X

robdiament: Feeling inspired by Michael's new works... Great to see his studio for

first time!

russelltovey: @robdiament awe x

russelltovey: What does untz mean? X

thatbloodyMikey: @russelltovey think it's something a 'C' goes in front of..

Peachy_Ali: “@russelltovey: What does untz mean? X” I'm sure @JerryUntz can help with that one Russ x

russelltovey: @Peachy_Ali good idea! X

georgie_guy: @russelltovey I always turn to UrbanDictionary in such circumstances.

MatthewCainC4: Am loving the new mixed-race Spiderman! Half-black and half-Latino. Check him out in new Marvel comic -

zefrog: @MatthewCainC4 and possibly gay

realMLombard: Just wrapped on #TowerBlock great bunch @RonnieThompson @jamesmoran @mrjamesnunn @Ralphwjbrown @Actornabil @Sheridansmith1 @russelltovey xx

mrjamesnunn: @realMLombard @RonnieThompson @Ralphwjbrown @Actornabil @Sheridansmith1 @russelltovey #TowerBlock Jenny was a legend. We'll miss her ;-) x

Russell Tovey - "The Devil's Double" UK Premiere - Arrivals - Vue West End, Leicester Square - London, UK

RussTov_FanSite: @russelltovey How many times have I told the world to follow #ChrisLilly - one of the songs from Angry Boys is top 40 in Oz x

tommacwriter: #angryboys is SO BRILLIANT!! #chrislilley is a class act genuine diamond genius.

RussTov_FanSite: @russelltovey see now even @tommacwriter agrees "#angryboys is SO BRILLIANT!! #chrislilley is a class act genuine diamond genius."

ardmore70: @tommacwriter Sherlock rocks!

RussTov_FanSite: @ardmore70: @tommacwriter re "Sherlock rocks!" -'s OK but will be better when the Tove arrives in Ep2 season 2

ardmore70: @RussTov_FanSite @tommacwriter no he rocks solo! really well made & fast paced!

russelltovey: RT @peterformula1: Bbc 1 at 11.15pm for him and her with the fantastic @russelltovey and the fit @Solemani , roll on the new series ,

russelltovey: RT @TMarkstahler: I would never ever tweet about the 5th episode of Him&Her being aired tonight at 11:15pm on BBC1 just to get a RT from @russelltovey Tsk Tsk

Andrew_Mackie_: @TMarkstahler This is true. But @russelltovey has held me by the waist, so I'm not too worried about a RT.

russelltovey: RT @James_McCre: Him and her. Tonight 11:45. Everyone needs to watch @russelltovey not only a brilliant actor but he's also not bad to look at! RT?

Solemani: RT @Olliestweet: @russelltovey If I mention him & her staring you and @Solemani can I have a RT? ;D x

BoyVirginiaMade: @russelltovey just saw last week’s Him & Her. You're right! "Black people ARE fun!" *grabs stomach as he giggles like mad* Brillant line!

mfhorne: @russelltovey Dior tee, Comme Des Garçon trousers, Beatrix Ong shoes. Simple, essential, key-seasonal. NYC ya later x

russelltovey: @mfhorne serio? You've just re-written the book x

Sheridansmith1: Cardiff look out, I'm coming for ya on Saturday night!

russelltovey: @Sheridansmith1 haaaaaa x

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