Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Russell who that's Who

Here in Oz folks are still divided about Matt Smith as Dr Who. Here is just one of the local forum debates on the issue.

Matt Smith 0.
Russell Tovey 1.

From: ABC TV Have Your Say:


Tardy Boy: I also agree that Matt Smith’s been miscast - his interpretation of the Doctor just doesn't work for some reason. I find him to be just about one of the worst Doctors of all time. He is no doubt a good actor ....just not in this role. I thought he played a better part as one of the minor characters in the Street....

Indy Boy: Interesting to see that Russell Tovey (Being Human) was one of the actors being considered to replace David Tennant as the new Doctor. At first I thought he would not be suitable but on second thoughts, I actually think he would have done the Doctor justice - he's very funny and personable and I'm sure would be really good (and interesting) in the role ....

Tardy Boy: From the little I've seen of Russell Tovey on TV, I don't think he would not be much better than Matt Smith as the Doctor.

Indy Boy: Perhaps you just haven't seen enough of Russell! At first glance, he comes across as a bit of a weedy, slightly sooky wuss but it soon becomes clear that he's a highly intelligent, likeable and quirky actor, with loads of personality and a wicked SOH. His work in Being Human is brilliant. He's definitely highly strung and a bit neurotic but so are many of the doctors. I think he would do an admirable portrayal of the Doctor....certainly a lot better than the current one. And he would be the first gay Doctor....They could bring back Captain Jack as well to really make things interesting...

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