Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Giving you this week's Tweetment:

12-8-2010 bigaggiemac: Oooh u lucky boy....I love Russell Tovey and love Being Human!!! xx :-)

12-8-2010 andybakerwriter: Him & Her, soon for BBC3 - hilarious and FILTHY. Love Russell Tovey. Oooh Russell Tovey DVD. Yes please.

12-8-2010 wongie1: Torchwood plans on going more global! I wonder if Russell Tovey will make an appearance based on the last ep of the David Tennant incarnation of Who!

12-8-2010 Bornofstars: Russell Tovey is also in 'Little Dorrit'. He plays an adorable character.

13-8-2020 Dorina335: am I the only one thinking that Russell Tovey has not joined twitter?

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