Monday, August 16, 2010


Jeffrey Bee has pimped out Russell Tovey in a free hand drawing just for us to share at Russell Tovey - A Star In The Making.

And just how did Russell Tovey became a pimp…?

Kinkyclawz: He he, It seems I'm not the only one with Tovey-itis, that’s for sure. Russell’s been on Twitter for, what, 3 days and got nearly 10000 followers`
keepmakingtea: That's because he's awesome...
Kinkyclawz: feeling a bit sorry for Sinead, she's not even got 2000, bless her heart. Maybe Russell will be able to send more her way.
keepmakingtea: Yes. Russell should pimp Sinead. Oh, the image that just popped into my head...
Degnne: lol now I have to draw Russell dressed as a pimp
Kinkyclawz: Oh please do! Bet he'd love it! HWL Imagine GEORGE as a pimp!! Scary!
keepmakingtea: He's gonna have to make some money in Wales somehow...

Above: The ever so talented Jeffrey Bee has drawn the Tourette's Syndrome version of George (Russell Tovey). This is starting to look like the action figure doll that Russell wanted to have made....albeit slightly in "disco" mode! I noticed that George's Star of David has been replaced in this's now a disco whistle with a frequency so high only a werewolf can hear it.

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