Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The ordinary punters and a few celebrities have Tweeted their opinions of episode 1 of Him&Her:

I spent 3 hours searching the Internet on the 7th Sep 2010, for comments being tweeted by people who watched the first episode of Him and Her.

This is not a list of people who are writing to congratulate Russell, they are mostly folk who made comments on Twitter to their friends.

The overwhelming majority are all thrilled to see Russell and Sarah's new show - it looks like a massive hit is coming their way.

NOW, for the bad news, I did find 2 people who hated it and their comments are at the end. None of the Twitter names have been changed to protect the innocent - or the guilty!!!

The Fors:

jamesafleet: Oh George, your mum and me upset about new woman, we were very fond of Nina. You are still taking your tablets I hope. Dad x

soozles_: Right time for bed now, ready for the dreaded school run. Again have to say how brilliant Him & Her was just hilarious.

JuliaF1: I agree Sinead it is a bit weird seeing Russell with another woman - feel he is two timing you! Lol favourite moments - Dan the weird flatmate, the whole spider thing and mangoes! Fab x x x

hywelreed: brilliant show. You make a great (if slightly grubby) couple! Can't wait to see the rest of the series. Well done! x

whipparry: Bit late to the party but just finished watching, excellent.

JaredofMo: Oh, gosh. This has me cracking up in the first minute. You're awesome!

Mybrightidea: lol it’s so hard to pick a favourite bit isn't it? The spider bit just reminded me so much of Matty lol! Man up Tovey!

leo_richardson: triumph!!! x

nathorpe: Loved in Him & Her. In fact, loved everything about it. Well done, everyone.

madinessex: Loved Him&Her 2nite wiv Not often u hear actual 'grunt&splash' from sitcom loo. :o) BBC3 #breaking boundaries??

TerryStapes: Can you do the dick dance for me some time?? X

isalou_x: Just watched Him & Her. LMAO I loved it! And I love you too! :P

Leanne_Munn1990: Him&Her made me laugh out loud! It is hilarious! Well done. I can't wait for the next ep :)

Josephdowney: top effort sir!

TeamRivers: Loved my boy in BBC3's 'Him and Her' tonight!! Was fresh and witty and I loved the Melanie c music references!

Imjustanerd: Finally saw Him&Her. I'll never trust Russell Tovey to make me toast :P

dmh10: it was ok, had some funny moments. Thought it was kinda gross though. I'll keep watching of course (for Russell Tovey :P)

lozwinter: best quote from Him&Her "who the fuck do you think you are? Fucking Mango! there like a pound each!"

deb_olliff: We loved Him&Her. Very *real* and again, like #Rev no canned laughter. You guys rock.

Gigabite11: Just watched your new show! quality!

Lisa8880: loved the new show! That episode was how it is in our house! We had a hissy over a wasp and I forgot to flush the loo too!

Laziggy: dude. As long as you’re in it. It's a hit Fa sho

Velvetdonkey: loved it!! Very funny. You should feel very proud

JazmineGeorgia: Russel Tovey brilliance, him & her is already making me feel all warm inside :)

vixbrad‎: Is anyone else loving the new Russell Tovey thing on BBC3?

imjustanerd‎: aww look at Russell Tovey being all manly and defeating that spider! Good job!

cpfcrox‎: Him & Her is quite good, a lot more drama in it than I imagined. Loving Russell Tovey though =)

fjmg_2003‎: @mmm_gash I'm so jealous you were able to see the new show of Russell Tovey and I wasn't. He also tweeted me yesterday ;p

LauraGarside‎: Him and Her is one of the best things i've seen on tv in ages :D Excellent stuff. I bloody love Russell Tovey ;)

CaptainH1‎: Do you mean Russel Tovey... big ears? He's my ideal man so you can't have him, you have everyone else so stop being greedy.

KOKOKHANEL‎: Watching catch-up Him & Her. RUSSEL TOVEY! MARRY ME AND LETS HAVE A BABY TOGETHER! adopted, surrogate, whatever you think is best.

robdog1921: umm it’s on BBC 3 I think. Is kind of odd so far. But I'll pretty much watch anything Russell Tovey is in.


The Against:

sebFlyte‎: Russel Tovey's gurn really is, as General Melchett might say, the crowning turd in Him and Her's waterpipe. Avoid at all costs.

JoeyLately‎: Just seen Russell Tovey's new comedy. It's awful. It's got the crudeness of Two Pints and Tovey seems to be doing a James Corden impression.


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