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Ready SET Go...
to a new
Location! Location! Location!

When Being Human kicked off as a pilot in 2008 characters George (Russell Tovey) and Mitchell (Aidan Turner) moved into a shared house in Totterdown Bristol to find they have a new person to share their house with in the form of Annie the ghost (Lenora Crichlow).

The pink house lasted as a set for two seasons but because of external threats the supernatural trio had to reality it was mostly due to budget and studio changes within BBC Bristol...but it also helped to create an unsettling end to the second season, knowing the characters were on the run.

The filming of Being Human was done in a BBC Bristol studio out on the edge of an industrial estate near the freeway but the set builders did a great job of making you think the show was filmed inside the "real" pink house.

Throughout early 2010, the team behind Being Human worked on finding and building a new place for the supernatural trio to settle, so the team went out searching the local area near their new home at BBC Cardiff Wales.

They scouted around and found a new Being Human location - a set of terraced homes in Barry Wales.

It is currently the start of Autumn 2010. The Being Human team are filming late into the night around their new location which has caused the local inhabitants to flock into the streets to watch their goings on.

The interior shots are being filmed in a disused bus depot in Barry Wales. If you want more details go to the blog section further over for Friday 13th August 2010...the new set is said to be haunted!

The new house sports a billboard on its side wall for "Fry's Cocoa." The house has been slightly renovated and the street's name has been re-badged for the new series. The street sign reads: Oceanview Road.

Of course this is just a brief update of some of the external location work for Being Human. The team have been into the forests nearby for werewolf scenes, and around the harbour and beaches of Barry Island for various other scenes. This once quiet resort is now becoming very famous around the world.

A little homage to Bristol before I go -

The first chocolate bar

In 1847, Fry's chocolate factory in Bristol, England molded the first chocolate bar that was suitable for general consumption.

So you see Toby Whithouse (script writer) and the Being Human team have a little bit of connectedness to their former house in Bristol.

Shame on you, for thinking the Fry's sign was gonna have some other demonic or supernatural connotation such as "Fry's In Hell."

NB. Fry's brand name was once a global commodity in its day and boasted branches even here in Australia..

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