Saturday, October 16, 2010



Rochford to Billericay
A life of Essex.

All the news that's fit to be news


MatildaCJ: @russelltovey Please tell me that when Becky had to pick your nose in #Him&Her she actually had to do it.. I miss that show already.

blahpaddy: @russelltovey he doesn't even sound gay

peteingham89: Just bought being human on Blu ray :) love @russelltovey new favouritesessest person... yup pretty sure that's a word

zigs00: Don't like this recasting in Todd Margaret. Russell Tovey made a much better Dave, this dumb guy from Inbetweeners is just totally wrong.

ianthomas74: @guy_interupted That's why we love @russelltovey! He's just like us. A bloke on the street.

iPsy: @mm_gash I don't get the whole thing with Russell Tovey...I wouldn't say he was...attractive? :P

Tom in Oz reporting from Durham Cathedral England

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