Thursday, December 16, 2010


Extreme Green

For those who don't already know Robson Green the well-known and respected UK actor/singer is about to star as a werewolf in season three of Being Human. Robson has apparently jumped at the chance to be involved with the show because of its high production values. Currently Robson is off the coast of Australia in New Caledonia, a place I have visited many times for holidays. He is fishing around the world for an upcoming series. He took a few minutes out to answer my Twitter question. Thank you, Robson.

To read about Robson on his round the world adventure follow "extreme_fishing" on Twitter.

extreme_fishing: So far in New Caledonia it has been Angling Alchemy and it's about to get better. Beautiful land beautiful People x

AWOLTom: @extreme_fishing Hi Robson: Did you get to do many of your own stunts in Being Human? (For the Russell Tovey Blog)

extreme_fishing: @AWOLTom Every fight, hop, skip and jump is performed by my own fair hand. Not bad for a bloke the wrong side of forty!!

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Being Human has a new producer for its third series, Phil Trethowan. He has shed some new light on the coming season:

There will be more werewolf action this series. Enter new character McNair, played by Robson Green. “We felt that we’d really explored the broader vampire world pretty extensively,” says Trethowan. “So with Robson we wanted to explore the broader world of werewolves a bit more and so he brings all that world into the show with him.”

But will Robson fans get the chance to see him in the buff? All werewolf actors have to be in the buff at some point? “I can tell you exclusively that you will be not be disappointed. And I can also tell you Robson’s in good shape. He definitely works out.”

There’s also a new werewolf costume for McNair, the old costume having to perform time-share duties. “The werewolf we had before doubled as George and Nina in full transformation. Now we’ve got a whole new werewolf. We had the idea that each werewolf lineage as it were, had a slightly different look about them. McNair looks a bit more grizzly.”

Trethowan on the new house in Barry:

“The new house was a real dilemma because obviously the pink house in Bristol had become iconic. What we arrived at is an old bed and breakfast called Honolulu Heights, that was decorated at the height of ’70s kitsch, and hasn’t been touched since. So what was once this really trendy place is now somewhere between an eyesore and really cool.”

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Press play to see Robson use his tackle to catch a fish!

angloirishgal: @Tom_In_Oz_ I think that @extreme_fishing trailer has made @joooos1 very happy!

PS. This week while in the South Pacific, Robson turned 46 and had numerous Twitter birthday messages and cards. He is fit!

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