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Above and Below: The blog team who you will read about as the chapter below unfolds. Here they all are with Russell Tovey.

Names L to R: @KnaveoG @Dorina335 @joooos1 @russelltovey @WhiteHare108 @kinkyclawz @angloirishgal Oh, and above the granddad on the right side wearing the green hat is someone who looks remarkably like me…white beard, same height as Russell and dressed like a lecturer/principal…well except for the silly hat!

Names L to R:

@kinkyclawz @Ishbel_Haf



@angloirishgal @joooos1 @drunkkath

Below: Click map to enlarge.

Memorabilia Convention Weekend at Birmingham UK with Sinead Keenan & Russell Tovey 26-3-2011

SineadKeenan: So who's awake and coming to Birmingham? Xxxxx

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan awake but sadly sending BH troops to take pics for blog...please be kind and wave hello for a pic for me xx much appreciated x

Tom_In_Oz_: @SineadKeenan there's a possibility @Dodochicky or @Dorina335 or @angloirishgal or @KnaveoG or @joooos1 will try to get me a pic x

SineadKeenan: @Dodochicky See you later xxx

angloirishgal: @SineadKeenan I'm joining the clan at #Memorabilia today! Morning lovely, how are you? All prepared?xx

angloirishgal: @Dodochicky Morning hun..what time did u get up?? You def need next 2 days off! Am on way to Temple Meads now!xx

angloirishgal: @Tom_In_Oz_ Morning Tom :-) will try and get you a pic if we don't get pounced on by organisers who don't like that sort of thing!x

KnaveoG: Wake up feeling great / My ticket where I put that? / Ah there it is now - Haiku #memorabillia Well going off grid see those I'll see there.

Tom_In_Oz_: @angloirishgal tell the organisers the pic is 4 TOM IN OZ & they will give you the respect you deserve @SineadKeenan will defend you I hope.

angloirishgal: @Tom_In_Oz_ Gawd I don't know if I'll get any respect but we'll try anyway!x

Tom_In_Oz_: @angloirishgal PLZ make sure u mention my name in all the right places !!! @russelltovey & @sineadkeenan have heaps of blog fans there 2day

angloirishgal: @Tom_In_Oz_ You're right there, not sure if I'll meet all of them tho! If we're allowed to get close to them we'll say hello!

Dorina335: @SineadKeenan see u there darling ...hope u have a fun day....hope u've been exercising that writing arm...!

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan How are you finding Oz so far??? Folks looking out 4 ya?

mrchrissullivan: @Tom_In_Oz_ lovin it thanks- havin a great time!

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan I wish the folks in UK could understand it's the same only way bigger & bluer than the UK almost the same except 4 accents

Dorina335: @mrchrissullivan Glad to hear things going well xxx

mrchrissullivan: @Dorina335 thanks love!

soozles_: Everyone who is off to memorabilia, have fun!

Dorina335: @soozles_ thanks darling ...enjoy ur Saturday. On train to Brum ...nearly missed it as was Tweeting in waiting room and it snuck upon me unawares!

Tom_In_Oz_: @Dorina335 C'mon tell the were perving on the fat controller and drooling....

joooos1: @Dorina335 am on train too! You are getting as bad as @angloirishgal ! See you soon

Dorina335: @joooos1 Noone is as bad as @angloirishgal!

russelltovey: En route to Birmingham for convention! It's all looking a bit grey on the train up? X

frankolad: @russelltovey Cause I'm not on route to see ya me lit London sunshine :0( !! x

joooos1: @russelltovey Bit grey on the train down too!

TheHoneyTaker: @russelltovey you want me to liven the train journey up for ya? I'm thinking Twitvid........ ;) lol x

russelltovey: @TheHoneyTaker bring it on! X

Tom_In_Oz: @russelltovey @TheHoneyTaker I shall do a download of vid and leave it on Tovey blog babes...x

Tom_In_Oz: @TheHoneyTaker just telling my son to get bandages ready to cover his eyes again...we're ready for whatever you do now...haha

TheHoneyTaker: WOAH!! one more follower till I reach 400!! I shall give a prize to whoever that may be.........

Tom_In_Oz_: @TheHoneyTaker at 400 followers plz don't celebrate by taking pic of you little furry brother still has bunt corneas

TheHoneyTaker: @Tom_In_Oz_ how about the horse? ;) lmao

Tom_In_Oz_: @TheHoneyTaker she's dead...

TheHoneyTaker: @Tom_In_Oz_ well I'm not sure what the prize is there! Ps sorry for the horse loss/loss of horse x

Dorina335: @russelltovey our sunny smiles will brighten ur day! See u there darling

daisyrock666: Last night I dreamt I went to hospital. The evil Justin Bieber gave me a manicure & then I snogged @russelltovey Sorry Russell. Nice though.

russelltovey: @daisyrock666 don't apologise, I had the same dream x

Russ is finally on deck

Ishbel_Haf: Littly and I are half way. Having hot chocolate at services. xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ishbel_Haf hi must be a fun town that one you're in called "Halfway" catchy name. xxx

Ishbel_Haf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hee. There's a pub in Cardiff called the Halfway. No hot chocolate tho. xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ishbel_Haf my family used to run the Loggerheads pub at Mold Wales which is where we get the term to be at loggerheads...

Ishbel_Haf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Whoa! Mine of info, you are. Am back on the road again. Tweet later. xx

Tom_In_Oz_: @Ishbel_Haf ok be safe

Beth_Annie_: How its going at the moment I will be at this thing on my own. This isn't helping with the wishing I was going to Birmingham.

Tom_In_Oz_: @Beth_Annie_ get a grip...I have never made it 2 see @russelltovey or @SineadKeenan yet & not much chance here...u have better odds than me!

Beth_Annie_: @Tom_In_Oz_ I'm just having an awful day. Sorry. Xx

joooos1: Just met up with @Dorina335 at wolverhampton station

russelltovey: Look at this!!! X by an artist called Lyndsay x

soozles_: @russelltovey oh wow that is fab. Enjoy yourself at memorabilia x

Barbie_doll_38: @russelltovey wow thats a great pic.x

angloirishgal: @joooos1 U still on time? On way to Birmingham New St now, and on time @Dorina335

russelltovey: The artist is called lindsay peebles... Google him! Done all the greats!! X

Titlebaum: @russelltovey Wasn't he in The Flintstones?

The signing begins

angloirishgal: What's happened to weather? Lovely sunshine at Bristol and what looks suspiciously like smog at Birmingham

Tom_In_Oz_: Dear UK-ers just remember if u think ur in Birmingham & not sure look outside if u can't see anything 4 smog- it's Birmingham @russelltovey

FoxyLorri64: lol....about smog in Birmingham...@Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey and @sineadkeenan who is the dwarf in the blue Tshirt between you while ur he like the "sorting" oompa-loompa??

russelltovey: Another triumph... X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey it is a bit frightening that one...

FoxyLorri64: LOL!!!!! @Tom_In_Oz_ it is a bit frightening that one... . @russelltovey

russelltovey: The hot convention queue! X

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey putting that caption to that photo is gonna make you look mean spirited on the blog.....tsk tsk

Beth_Annie_: @Tom_In_Oz_ its hell.

Tom_In_Oz_: @Beth_Annie_ cheer up got nice pics of @russelltovey for folk who can't attend....he's doing some himself as well as ones coming from others

AllieMunster: @russelltovey so sad I can't be there :( I'm stuck at work Booooooo lol

chimmykins: Just met @russelltovey he wrote 'I love you' on my Doctor who pic. Him and Sinead are lovely!

mmm_gash: Oh my God Love. As soon as @russelltovey saw me, he came round the table and gave me a massive hug. I'm speechless :')

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan plus fan! X

mmm_gash: @russelltovey You have made my day, nay life today LOVE

russelltovey: @mmm_gash oh Jamie x

mmm_gash: @russelltovey I know I'm a freak haha. :')

jackd1985: @Tom_In_Oz_ have you found any good photos of @russelltovey?

Tom_In_Oz_: @jackd1985 @russelltovey so far I have about 6 pics but all look washed out with the background they have???

FoxyLorri64: @russelltovey @SineadKeenan plus fan! X - oh this is just fab! look so gorgeousssssss Sinead! xx .

Tom_In_Oz_: @FoxyLorri64 @russelltovey @SineadKeenan In that pic Sinead is the blonde one right??? lol

Digital_Glitter: @russelltovey The hot convention queue! X - Did you like my tee shirt? :o

russelltovey: @Digital_Glitter loved it!! X

Digital_Glitter: @russelltovey so glad. I made a special effort :)

joooos1: @Tom_In_Oz_ shook hands with Russell. So did @Dorina335

joooos1: @russelltovey @SineadKeenan hope @Dorina335 and I aren't annoying you too much!

Tom_In_Oz_: @joooos1 @russelltovey @SineadKeenan @Dorina335 got to shake hands but no pics therefore it didn't happen !!!!

Above: Russ & Sinead in action...NB In the pic when Russ checks the phone he is reading the bio for Jami B (@imjustanerd) who comes from the Caribbean. She had a friend get an autograph.

Russ keeps a watchful eye on the iPhone for his incoming Twitter tweets!

russelltovey: Action figured x

BXGD: @russelltovey You're all dolled up.

joooos1: Russell

Tom_In_Oz_: @joooos1 that pic of @russelltovey best yet cause it was mega pixel size xxxx

russelltovey: @SineadKeenan actioned x

Dorina335: The lovely Sinead

Tom_In_Oz_: FGS tell someone at memorabilia to take pics without that awful backdrop it looks mingy BIG TIME @russelltovey @SineadKeenan

Dorina335: The lovely Russell he said this one's for the bloggers

frankolad: @Tom_In_Oz_ You gonna have your work cut out on the blog tonight with all the stuff coming from Brum @russelltovey

Tom_In_Oz_: @frankolad @russelltovey YEP but it's only 11pm here...the night is young..

frankolad: @Tom_In_Oz_ I see an all nighter happenin at this rate... @russelltovey

pirate_moose: @Dorina335 Glad you're having a great time! Russell & Sinead look lovely! :) Thanks for all the photos! Say hi from me! :) xx

Tom_In_Oz_: Capturing all the tweets & pics of @russelltovey at Birmingham is a bit like being at NASA & coordinating a moon landing but from Oz

imjustanerd: Coworker just asked why I'm excited because some man wrote on a pic of himself. Um... Its not just 'some man,' its @russelltovey!

AlanSelby: @Dorina335 Hi, in the Q for @russelltovey and @SineadKeenan photo shoot woop woop ;o)

Dorina335: Had a hug and kiss from Russell and Sinead said hi....she looks stunning

DHPLover: Meeting Russell Tovey at the movie show #BeingHuman

Lindsey_Viner: My lil boy also thought @russelltovey and @SineadKeenan were cool, shame my hand shook! :(

Tom_In_Oz_: A terrific couples photo of @russelltovey & @sineadkeenan at Birmingham Memorabilia from @Tom_In_Oz_

TaTUM_Maggie: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey @SineadKeenan fab pic #russelltovey #sineadkeenan #tomisawesome

MargMolly: @Tom_In_Oz_ @RussellTovey @SineadKeenan This pic looks like they are auditioning for Riverdance!!! The Final Final Farewell Tour. lol x

AllieMunster: @Tom_In_Oz_ thank you for all the photo updates from #memorabilia

Tom_In_Oz_: While their puppies are out for walkies @russelltovey & @SineadKeenan do their Being Human talkies.

Dorina335: @SineadKeenan and @russelltovey ..loved ur Being Human warm and funny one ever!

angloirishgal: @Dorina335 Seconded! Loved it.. @SineadKeenan and @russelltovey are great to do a talk with. Funny and entertaining!xxx

RogueDefector: @russelltovey It was great being your guest liaison today, hope you had a fantastic time. Gary

russelltovey: @RogueDefector you were a dream x

SharonHoward09: @russelltovey good luck with the start of filming tomorrow! :D xx

Dorina335: On train home from fab day at NEC Had grt chat with @SineadKeenan and we had a bloggers pic with @russelltovey. Also grt to meet BH fans

drunkkath: equally lovely #russell tovey (and me!) and in the left background is Jamie (@mmm_gash)

Above: Liam & Katie with Russell Tovey.

russelltovey: Portrait of a princess still

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