Tuesday, June 28, 2011



rach_pugh: Met @russelltovey on Billericay train station and I was like a giggling schoolgirl!!! What a nice guy! Mid-June 2011.

russelltovey: @CiaranGK: This hasn't got anywhere near enough views. Has the beautiful @russelltovey and @Julie_Atherton Watch it now! http://youtu.be/BVcEXh1Nj2M

russelltovey: The train to Swansea is rammed!!! Apparently lightning hit a signal box and threw everything into bedlam... At least I got a seat tho x

Skaski_: @russelltovey That line is always screwed up. I think they make up new stories everyday to explain the signals never working

russelltovey: Although my gentleman side may give it up to a woman beside me standing and sweating, I hate that I was brought up so well sometimes.... X

STReekie: @russelltovey Do it. If chivalry isn't enough reason, it'll stop dozens of people taking photos of you not giving it up.

russelltovey: Or maybe I pull my my cap down and keep my head in a script the whole journey and pretend not to notice? X

HurtsLikeSilver: @russelltovey you do make me laugh its like youve got an angel on one shouder and a devil on the other ;)

russelltovey: Hmmmmmmmmm x

RaymondSouthorn: @russelltovey doesn't Russell Tovey always give it up?! ;-)

russelltovey: In other news I bought a viv west cycle jacket earlier in the sale... X

mattdsgns: @russelltovey Signalling issues for trains in London through to Reading, should slowly start to ease now.

russelltovey: RT @paulnorwich: @russelltovey Oh make her stand. Women and children first?! That went down with the Titanic.

russelltovey: I gave it up... Thankfully she is only going to Reading so it's only half hour for a lifetime of karma... Sounds like a fair swop? X

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey In Manchester but missing and loving my twin x

missatune: @russelltovey thank you for following on Twitter, candle man x

russelltovey: @missatune Hello!!!! Very welcome top Tune x x x

MrDanDavies: @russelltovey Dominic gave me a message for you: "See you in the mystic carwash". I now know what 'Star and Garters' are, which is a relief

russelltovey: @MrDanDavies ha ha ha :-) x

tragedy x

russelltovey: Wine officiandos.... What's a good Red? Something you can get in your local Oddbins not something obscure from Namibia please... :-) x

Confidential_CC: @russelltovey nice drop this one tommelodywerner.files.wordpress.com/2009/02/lindem…

JuliaBall: @russelltovey a mid proced rioja is generally excellent and vey drinkable

russelltovey: @JuliaBall thanks, that's what I got pissed on the other night and it was sensational x

tayto1509: @russelltovey Eating at Nandos in Cardiff Bay tonight thanks to your high appraisals. Any recommendations for a first time Nando-goer? :)

russelltovey: @tayto1509 mango lime half chicken, sweet potato mash...Make sure you ask for sweet potato not normal potato mash.. Still Nice but fail x

russelltovey: I've always avoided merlot weirdly because of the movie 'Sideways' anyone else snobby due to the movie? X

davidclover: @russelltovey if you like Pinot Noir a NZ pinot usually a safe and tasty bet

leo_richardson: @russelltovey get a nice New Zealand wine-- they're pretty consistent.

russelltovey: @leo_richardson thanks Hun x

russelltovey: Thanks to all the wino wittys out there... My liver and heart appreciate your knowledge x :->

Wolfie_Rankin: @russelltovey I don't drink, I know nothing about it, honestly.

MLPasterisk: @russelltovey Red wine at 9am ? Are you putting it on your corn flakes ?

amk672: @russelltovey can I get a rt pls for my 39th birthday today.....next year its the scary 40 :-)

russelltovey: @amk672 happy Bday x

MarioPadilla: it's so hard to get a word in when @russelltovey gets a few hundred replies to each tweet. i just want him to know how much i love him. lol.

russelltovey: @MarioPadilla :-) x

russelltovey: Tragedy.... X

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