Thursday, January 19, 2012


Australia Day 2012:
"Barbie Girl" 

Above: A cult Australian phenomenon is the annual TV advertisement by Sam Kekovich to make the weirdest parody of a known song to promote lamb sales prior to Australia Day celebrated on the 26th January. Why this uniquely Aussie event started nobody knows but it’s been going for more than 10 years. This year the promotions team have made an extended clip that also includes a cheeky scene with a man getting into a swimming pool while the backing singers chime about “Budgie Smugglers” The female lead is Aussie performer Melissa Tkautz and the band is Justice Crew. Other than your ears, nothing else will be harmed in the playing of this parody.

Above: Russell Tovey animation from the NME Awards 2010.

Above: Press play to see Russell Tovey describe his long-winded hangover cure to an NME reporter at the NME Awards 2010.


Above: Press play to see Russell Tovey introduce Miss Heidi Licious at the YMCA Body Confidence Catwalk Show October 2011.

Above: Russell Tovey animation from the SFX Weekend 2011.

Above: Russell Tovey acceptance speech SFX Weekend 2011.

Above: Press play to see "Drop" with Russell Tovey.

Above: Press play to see "Lady Dior" with Russell Tovey.

Above: Press play to see "In Passing" with Russell Tovey.

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