Friday, April 30, 2010


Toves is slowly honing his playwright skills. He's been able to get 4 written and performed: Hero in 2001, Walls in 2003, A Rock And A Hard Place in 2005 and In The Margins in 2007. More, please?

According to my Welsh peoples, Russell is lush, especially when he's in a suit.

He's even lusher without! Cheers. Where's uncle Bryn?

I know from watching Being Human, which is shown on the ABC TV Network in Australia, that Russell's character George (werewolf) often gets to go naked but it's not as gratuitous as you might think. O.K. alright, well, yes, it is!

"For some reason George always gets naked before he transforms and you see my bum all the time. Well, if that's what people want to see!" - Russell Tovey.

Above: Mr Tovey and Mr Jacob Young caught doing a little light petting in New York.

I don't know! Where did that poodle go?

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