Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Russell Tovey has numerous video clips on YouTube but late one night I rounded up some screen shots and made a fan video of my play on first video...

The song used in the background is "Blue Monday" which came out in 1983 when Rusty was about 2 years old. My kids were born in the early 80s, my son is the same age as Russ.

In 1983, I was holding down a full-time job and I earned a little extra dosh working as a part-time pub D.J. most weeknights. The song "Blue Monday" was destined to be a classic dance track and I predicted that back in the 80s just like I predict Russ will crack the big time. Then, my wife and I will be the ones telling people, "Told you so!"

Press play on the next video to see Russell Tovey, James Corden and Rob Brydon doing what they do best! Er? What? Um! Eh? Oh! Nudge! Nudge! (Nod) Wink!

Below: Rob Brydon and Russell Tovey animations

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