Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Russell Tovey, Aidan Turner and Lenora Crichlow be Human

HUGE - Ben Miller's having the last laugh

The movie, Huge, is a project Ben Miller has nurtured since writing the story for the stage 15 years ago. The play version was a hit on the Edinburgh Fringe. It was while touring the country with it afterwards that he met Alexander Armstrong with whom he went on to television fame in The Armstrong and Miller Show. But nobody would back him at the time to turn it into a film. And it is only now that he has been able to raise the finance of under £1 million to turn it into a movie. “Somebody decided to throw pennies at us,” he said - while admitting that even then, the first few weeks of pre-production were funded by him withdrawing hundreds of pounds worth of cash from his own bank account. Filming started last week [w/e 20 June 2009] at Elstree Studios and at locations nearby with a cast including Noel Clarke, star of Adulthood and Dr Who, Thandie Newton, Johnny Harris from RocknRolla, American Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan and Russell Tovey, one of the original History Boys most recently seen in Being Human on BBC3.

c/o Michelle Ryan's World Blogsite 14.12.2009

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