Friday, July 15, 2011



russelltovey: Amster-damn! Bound.... A weekend of cycling and culture..... And whores x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey well the blog needs pics I'm out again...not too many whores please x

akeydokes: @russelltovey lol well enjoy the rides...........of the cycling i mean....not the whores.........:) x

russelltovey: You tell me.... What's better than a weekend of whores in windows...? X

SaurPoints: @russelltovey I get that every weekend. It's called the internet

russelltovey: Amster-Damn! X

EndeavourFilms: @EndeavourFilms @russelltovey but I don't approve

The_Chappy: @russelltovey something tells me youre excited! Make sure you take loads of pics....either of the culture or the whores :p x

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey remember it not what you go with - it's what you might come back with x

RachGorst: @russelltovey sounds delightful. Make sure you wear a helmet for both activities. Safety first m'boy x

russelltovey: Boarding the plane for the Dam that Amsters... Speak and caress all you lovely wittys on my return! X

scribe_diatribe: @russelltovey before you go caressing me - I wanna see test results - #whoringinamsterdam

littlesmileyb: @russelltovey why go all the way 2 The dam for whores? just scroll through your followers list, we're probably cheaper! ;-)

jase5488: @russelltovey is making the entire of twitter jealous about his adventures. #Amsterdam is getting some British talent in it. ; )

russelltovey: Ryan Mosley @ Alison Jacques Gallery... discuss x

Confidential_CC: @russelltovey erm....dark sombre unnatural......the lighting is too dark to make out the pic I'll fix it for the blog tho x

katierosemary12: @russelltovey It is kind of Degas meets Lautrec meets Bacon meets Planet of the Apes?

russelltovey: @katierosemary12 I like that! Gold star x

russelltovey: RT @A1: Emotional picture of Rebekah Brooks leaving News International for the last time


grumpy_0: @A1 @russelltovey lucky you lol

Kee_Pad: b via @russelltovey discuss

russelltovey: @Kee_Pad good!!!! Yes x

Kee_Pad: @russelltovey dwarf in a 1860's funfair

russelltovey: RT @corcorcoran: huh, i dig. via @beautifuldecay

Kee_Pad: @russelltovey agreed! i have it as my screen saver and look at it all the time

russelltovey: @Kee_Pad better! X

Kee_Pad: @russelltovey lol lol spelt the first one wrong pmsl

olibasciano: @russelltovey The new work is v nice indeed. An evolution from his last show with a touch of Neo Rauch. Uses paint as a medium not a subject

russelltovey: @olibasciano I agree! :-) x

needles & pins

realMLombard: Just come back from the read thru of Tower Block with the lovely @Sheridansmith1 - good times ahead!! #supportUKfilm

realMLombard: Gonna be dreaming about @russelltovey's pins all day long #toohottohandle

russelltovey: @realMLombard ha ha ha!!! X


Solemani: best mash potato i've ever had and duck liver smooth as butter with @holli_day grainger in Budapest. Washed down with Oreo cocktail. hmmm.

russelltovey: @Solemanidid you cry?? X

Solemani: @russelltovey no but i moaned. x

russelltovey: Check out Ryan Mosleys solo show at Alison Jacques Gallery... It's seriously good... X

russelltovey: RT @AndrewSeto: Ryan Mosley opens tonight at @Alison_Jacques, 6-8pm

ollyofficial: Anyone noticed the FULL MOON outside today....wooooooooo wooooo woooooo....

russelltovey: @ollyofficial I did x

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