Saturday, June 19, 2010


Russell Tovey appeared in the 2000 movie Anchor Me. This was a two part TV movie drama which starred veteran actor Iain Glen as the adult Nathan. Russell Tovey playing young Nathan appeared in the flashbacks that propelled the story to current times.


When Nathan discovers his mother is dying of cancer he journeys home to encourage his family to finally confront the accidental death of his youngest brother Michael. But his parents and older brother continue to insist that the best way to deal with grief is to keep quiet. Nathan finds solace is in the arms of his childhood sweetheart who now happens to be his sister-in-law.


“The flashbacks are beautifully handled and with a script so tight it's almost workable without the pictures.” The Daily Telegraph.

No clich├ęs, no `soap', no saga: just good, clean family relations drama. The first episode with the flashbacks is filled with emotion and the anguish exhibited by the talented cast is easily believable - but the pace falters in the second half and leaves one feeling strangely unsatisfied.

Above some members of the cast.

Press play for a scene where Nathan (Iain Glen) is talking about his childhood.

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