Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's post No.200 and here to celebrate are some rare photos of Russell Tovey with family, friends, cast mates &c. They have been gathered from a variety of sources.

Celebrate good times, awight!

Russell Tovey in a class of his own.

The History Boys - that's Russell with 7 boys stacked on top of him - there's just so many one-liners I shan't be using here!

At the Gareth Thomas 2010 Attitude Party.

Press play to hear Gareth Thomas, Will Young and Russell Tovey being interviewed on the night. All 3 men are working in their own fields to be role models for the Gay Community. Here is an interesting and often used quote:
"Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common." (Dorothy Parker).

Press play to hear Gareth Thomas talk to Ellen.

From the play A Miracle.

Russell playing "Kieran" one of his early TV parts on The Bill.

Hanging near the Central Park fountain.

Hanging with family.

Last but not least, are some Russell Tovey early career highlights.
Click picture to enlarge.
The smaller pictures on this resume are from the play A Respectable Wedding.

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