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Who York March 2010

Cafe 50 West on Sunday March 7, 2010 from 6.30pm.

(Edited from) Report by Gina R. Snape NY

We had our Russell Tovey event last night and it was loads of fun! He did a Q&A, signed autographs, and did commentary for season 2 episode 1 of Being Human.

Russell Tovey is an absolute sweetheart. He was genuinely amazed at the turnout and just fresh enough to this sort of thing not to be jaded or have pat answers.

Among the things we talked about/he asked me all night were:

"Do I have to stand for the whole thing or will you let me sit at some point?" - I told him we weren't taskmasters.

"But what if people haven't seen the episode (Being Human)? Won't they be upset that I'm talking over the dialogue?" - I explained it's like watching the commentary on DVDs, which gave him a kind of reference point. I advised him that people were there to SEE HIM. And reassured him that no matter what he says, or how stupid it might sound in his own head, people will be glad to hear it because they are fans. He didn't seem to fully believe this.

"Did that guy who got a stack of autographs really pay $200 for all of them? Or did you just charge him for the one?" (Followed by massively bugged-out eyes and o-mouth when I said yes, I did in fact charge a fan for each autograph. I'd asked Russell if he wanted to put a limit on autographs before we started, and he said no. I explained to him afterward why he might have wanted to put a limit. So it seems he learned from me, for the first time, that people sell autographs on eBay. Oh bless.

He's so unassuming and approval-seeking that I found myself getting touchy-feely with him, caught myself and apologized. His response: "No, I don't mind. I rather like it. Don't stop!" Heeee.

At one point before things started, I warned him that there might be some people asking questions about Jack/Alonzo. This gave him a chuckle, as apparently he also had very little idea of the magnitude of that scene. He did confirm that Barrowman is a major flirt - no surprise there.

He's extremely grateful that fans he's met have been so nice thus far. But he wonders what will happen when he gets a 'bad guy' role one day (which he'd really like to do). He nodded knowingly when I pointed out that some fans don't seem to be able to separate roles from actors.

He worried about how he looked in all the photos being taken. I told him I didn't think he had a bad angle and he was pleased/relieved.

He was also very interested to hear what we like about UK TV and dislike about American TV. It took him a fair few hours before it dawned on him that he was in a room with a bunch of Anglophiles.

He's quite fit (which we already knew from the ridiculous number of nude scenes he's done), and has rather a smaller frame than I thought. And he's a good hugger. Very warm and affectionate when he thanked me before he left.

Among the things he told the audience:

* The scene where he has sex with the vampire in the woods was shot very close to the road and people kept passing by all day seeing him naked and wondering what weird things they were up to...

* He would be a Gryffindor but George would be a Hufflepuff.

* It was his idea to give George a bit of a stutter.

* He finds the werewolf makeup claustrophobic and his eyes reject the contact lenses.

* He was amazed at the amount of running David Tennant had to do.

* He was in the running to be the 11th Doctor, but they didn't like his audition because he did a kind of "Camden Town wide boy" accent. He's very glad for Matt Smith and thinks he'll be brilliant.

* He's also a bit glad not to have the role because he's so invested in Being Human. (To me he said that everyone cried when they did the read-through for the series 2 finale. He positively beamed when I told him how much I enjoyed it).

* Series 3 of Being Human starts filming in June.

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