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Being Human

Season Three

Episode One Season Three:

So good it trended word-wide on Twitter!

Below: The UK Twitter trend map went into meltdown late Sunday night 23rd January 2011. Mr. Tovey will be pleased!

Welcome to the day of the premiere
of season three of
Being Human

One of my long term Twitter followers @newenglandjenn has pieced together a recap of seasons one and two of Being Human in readiness for tonight’s ultra anticipated return of the world’s best TV series…Jenn has spliced the footage in a unique way too with lots of visual remapping. Well done, Jenn! This video in two minutes brings back the whole series in an evocative and moving way.

Rating: A+ + + + +

Tom_In_Oz_: @newenglandjenn...and shall I be allowed to blog your vid?

newenglandjenn: @Tom_In_Oz_ Absoloutely!! I'd be honored to be blogged :) Thanks!

Press play and hit the expand button for whole screen viewing. This is not your average little clunky video!

Press play for a BBC recap of what you will see in Ep.1 Season Three - spoiler alert!

Tovey likes Being Human in scenes

Russell Tovey has revealed his favourite scenes in supernatural TV series Being Human are those when his werewolf character gets to enjoy a quiet cuppa on the sofa.

The actor has his fair share of blood-curdling scary scenes playing George, but he insists it's the quieter times he looks forward to the most.

"Every scene where we're together, where it's basically Annie [played by Lenora Crichlow] making tea and us chatting, are the favourite ones," he said.

Now in its third series, the hit BBC Three show features a group of twenty-something friends, including a ghost, a vampire, and Russell's werewolf, attempting to live normal lives despite their afflictions.

Russell said he approved of the fictional housemates' relocation from the iconic pink home in Bristol to a "huge", more retro pad in Barry, Wales.

"It's an old B&B called Honolulu Heights, a big Seventies throwback and it completely suits the friends who are living in this eccentric, ramshackle house, which has disgusted everyone else who's viewed it. They call it home very quickly," he added.

In the new series George and his girlfriend, fellow werewolf Nina, begin to enjoy a less rocky relationship.

"George and Nina are now a unit, they're very happy together for once," Russell said.

"This is their fresh start. They have their vampire friend [Mitchell played by Aidan Turner] and it feels as though they're really on their quest for happily ever after - and that's what George has always wanted."

:: Being Human returns for its third series on BBC Three tonight (January 23).

The day started like any ordinary Sunday…little did Russell realise…

paulmoconnell: @russelltovey An english man, an irish man and a dead woman walk into a bar....only on BBC3 9pm tonight...haha

russelltovey: New Being Human tonight BBC3 @ 9.00... In the words of Shakira.. "Ahhhhwoooooooooooooo" x

boydhilton: Spent so long talking to the wonderful Jo Brand someone mistook me for being her husband. #BritComAwards

russelltovey: @boydhilton ha ha ha. X

boydhilton: @russelltovey it was hot xxx

russelltovey: RT @stephenfry: Cuteness overload: baby dolphin meets young penguin -

mrchrissullivan: @russelltovey be round bout 8 jug ears x

russelltovey: mrchrissullivan hot x

russelltovey: The height of 21st century bourgeois... Cleaning ones mirrors with an old pair of Calvin Kleins x

HorshamiteHarry: @russelltovey Clean ones I presume Mr. Tovey. The idea is to get rid of the smears. Not add to them. ;))

JKCorden: morning all!! I'm off to see Matilda the musical at the RSC today. Can't wait!!

russelltovey: @JKCorden oh you pig... I am so desperate to see it! X

russelltovey: And yeah... Tovey bum and ears feature big time x

Dodochicky: @russelltovey YAY for Tovey bum & ears! ;)

Tom_In_Oz_: @russelltovey Can I ask if we get excellent acting as well as the Tovey accoutrements?

OzzieSage: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Of course we'll get great acting. None of them can be less than brilliant.

Dodochicky: @Tom_In_Oz_ I thought that went without saying, Tom. ;) @russelltovey

A Fry up

stephenfry: Pah! Land to news of a third straight England ODI defeat. Heigh ho *cradles the Ashes*

Tom_In_Oz_: @stephenfry well at least you can watch Russell Tovey tonight in Being Human at 9pm BBC3 - us Ozzies will be waiting for months!

OzzieSage: @Tom_In_Oz_ perhaps as a way of improving morale following the floods the govt could get the ABC to show it soon. Cheer us all up.

No sleep until Brooklyn

mrchrissullivan: @Tom_In_Oz_ when do yousleep?

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan I'm on school hols to 28th so I sleep when I want about 4 hours a of luck with BBBirdie how is it going?

BH Sunday with the Cain

MatthewCainC4: Happy Sunday everyone! Looking forward to start of new series of Being Human tonight starring my talented best mate @russelltovey ...

MatthewCainC4: About to have lunch with @will_young31 to celebrate his birthday. Bought him a nice belt from Florence - hope he likes it!

rashbrj: RT @MatthewCainC4: About to have lunch with @will_young31 Any chance you could encourage him to start tweeting again?

MatthewCainC4: @rashbrj I just told him to get back on here! I promise I'll keep nagging him till he does...

LukeMorrison: Just bumped into that lovely @MatthewCainC4 at tottenham court road. He was en route to talk boys, I'm off to see culture. Life swap!

MatthewCainC4: Ha ha we're talking culture too I promise! But good to see you too!

MatthewCainC4: Having a little party tonight for @russelltovey and new series of Being Human. Am shopping and cooking now and really excited!

60 Minutes…

heatworld: Poor Johnson! He's had enough injuries to last a lifetime!#dancingonice

Tom_In_Oz_: @heatworld who cares about DO Ice can we just get to BBC3 now in readiness for #beinghuman

nookeybear @Tom_In_Oz_ so true

ImAChameleon: Back from bath...1 HOUR TO GO!! Flicking through TV channells....oooh, what's this? #BeingHuman at 9:00pm? Hmmmm... :D x

marcuswhitney1: Perfect evening, local pub showing #beinghuman beer, nibbles, werewolf's vampire's and ghosts ! Enjoy tonight folks xxx

Tom_In_Oz_: @marcuswhitney1 wish I could I have to download it from a van at the back of the pub tomorrow *wink*

Imjustanerd: RT @dmh10: 60 minutes to #BeingHuman - OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD! OMIGOD! *flails*

soozles_: An hour to go! #beinghuman

ianthomas74: T-minus 60 minutes. #beinghuman

5 mins to go...

Dorina335: Right..opening the wine...switching phone to answerphone...locking the door's almost #beinghuman 3 time! @bbcbeinghuman

pirate_moose: GAHHH! THE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!! #beinghuman

angloirishgal: @beinghumanfan You'll make it, there's 20mins left! @joooos1 @Dorina335 @SnowyBay @debbie4ever09 @kinkyclawz @Tom_In_Oz_ @aileach34 #Bhuman

barrypilling: I've seen tonight's #beinghuman episode and it frikkin rocks. Seriously.

SineadKeenan: To all our Beautiful Being Human Fans.... This one's for you!!!!! Hope you enjoy it! Xxx

Theladyreed: @SineadKeenan I am going to cry with delight! Thank you so much Ms K, xx #beinghuman

FoxyLorri64: @Tom_In_Oz_ I think most if the nation is glued to their sets tonight, those with good taste anyways :0)

Hysteriaaaaa: @Tom_In_Oz_ T-Minus 5 Mintues Until Being Humannnn!!! :-)


SineadKeenan: @russelltovey Good luck studio!!!! Xxxx

ianthomas74: I shall be away from Twitter for the next hour. I need some 'alone' time with a certain werewolf. #beinghuman

t4rdis: They're back - yay! #beinghuman (watching Being Human (UK)

boydhilton: Being Human, BBC3, in 45 seconds

tmxghost: excited!!!! Come on.

russelltovey: Here we go wittys!!!!! X

Above: The view as posted by Marcus Whitney at his local pub.

russelltovey: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

Foxfontaine: @russelltovey squeaky boy x

MathewParry: I still love Russell Tovey even though I have never seen a single episode of #BeingHuman

Lionesskeeper: Purgatory Is a hallway with doors 0_0 #beinghuman

Tom_In_Oz_: @Lionesskeeper much like any 2 up 2 down!

Lionesskeeper: @Tom_In_Oz_ Ha ^_^

Above: Sorry to disappoint dear Tovey fans but I thought that maybe an animated scene might be a little too “adult” for the blog as this scene does get a little steamy so I opted to display one still screen cap from Russell’s prolonged nude scene.

The wash up

MatthewCainC4: Loved Being Human tonight. Am so proud of my talented twin @russelltovey who was more brilliant than ever!

MrStevieWebb: Oh! I hit 2000 followers. 2000 thank you's x

boydhilton: @MrStevieWebb oi you're supposed to be here!

robdiament: @boydhilton lovely to see you as ever. BH is fierce! :) x

mrchrissullivan: OMG - being Human 3 was amazing!!! Good job guys!!! Xxxx

Dorina335: @mrchrissullivan wasn't it just.....for once, a show that not only lived up to but excelled its promo stuff! @bbcbeinghuman #beinghuman

robdiament: Proud of @RussellTovey new BH was amaze!!!!

Foxfontaine: @russelltovey well done sister. Good arse action. X

robdiament: @boydhilton lovely to see you as ever. BH is fierce! :) x

boydhilton: @robdiament lovely to see you too! x

robdiament: @MatthewCainC4 lovely to see you xx

boydhilton: @robdiament @matthewcainc4 and thanks for the lovely food Matthew! Xx

robdiament: @boydhilton @matthewcainc4 @RussellTovey dreamy xx

mrchrissullivan: “@boydhilton: @robdiament @matthewcainc4 and thanks for the lovely food Matthew! xx” here here - lovely grub sista!! Xx

robdiament: @mrchrissullivan Chris, that dance has changed my life xx

mrchrissullivan: @robdiament it was fabulous honey- (sings) I love your smile. Du du du duh de de de da...

BoyGeorge: @mrchrissullivan What's bye bye birdie? I do stuff for TMT!

mrchrissullivan: @BoyGeorge hello mr - just at @russelltovey at the minute - says he wants to go out for a drink x

BoyGeorge: @mrchrissullivan @russelltovey That would be lovely, not now of course, up at 5.30 for Paris but another time cool!

mrchrissullivan: @BoyGeorge @russelltovey beautiful - I head for Sydney march 4th so before that if you're free mr - let us know when's good for you x

BoyGeorge: @mrchrissullivan @russelltovey DM some info then!

angloirishgal: What a blockbuster of an episode! What a start to the series! Thank you Lord Toby, @bbc3tv and all involved. Wow xx

tvbhc: Noooooooooooooooo I've got to wait a week. I want it now, wow that was f****** awesome. Stunning job @bbcbeinghuman #beinghuman

Ishbel_Haf: Loved all the different set designs, the dialogue, the acting. Oh what the hell, all of it. x

t4rdis: Oh my - it just gets better! How fab was Lacey Turner! And we got to see more Tovey bum - getting a bit gratuitous now! (^_~)#beinghuman

beinghumanfan: Who needs Sunday like now please?

Ishbel_Haf: Dancing!! #beinghuman

soozles_: Stake and chips love it! #beinghuman

mrchrissullivan: @SineadKeenan you were amazing tonight! Love you babe xxx

SineadKeenan: @mrchrissullivan Thanks darlin! Love you too hotstuff!! Xxx

mrchrissullivan: “@HugoHHarrison: @SineadKeenan you are amazing mon petit chou!! Loved the bailing him out scene. Hi-frickin-larious! - ditto- we all lol'd x

russelltovey: :-) eeeeeee x thanks wittys!!! X

russelltovey: How good is Lacey Turner x

TopCatTC69: @russelltovey You were all good, Mr Modest!! xx

Above: Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey, Neil (fan) & Lenora Crichlow

Some thank you's to...

barrypilling: Some thank you's to...

@joooos1 @Lionesskeeper @Dorina335 @AllieMunster @Theladyreed @FoxyLorri64 @Kerrysnodepeace @soozles_ @aileach34 @mybrightidea @iamCHRLT @poprockgeek @Rosalind12 @RawR_Kazzii_ @angloirishgal @Kerrysnodepeace @allyska @pirate_moose @MarleneTran @JuliaF1 @thetelevixen @pippitie @Tom_In_Oz_ @WeedhopperZ @Sandiwich11 @Fuze83 @bazinhulme @LJHoughton @kimmbass_ @SnowyBay @Cookieshoes @susancameron31 @valeriemeachum @lora4dan @Dodochicky @raygunsinner @BeingHumanFans @Ishbel_Haf @DonnaKaylea

To everyone mentioned... just wanted to say thanks for tweets before, during and after tonight's show. Read and loved them all. YOU ROCK!

PS - and the few I inevitably missed out x

TV review: Being Human

Published Date: 24 January 2011

By Paul Whitelaw

If you've already sunk your teeth into HBO's excellent True Blood and the enjoyably cheese-caked Twilight saga, you're probably feeling pangs of supernatural exhaustion by now. So it's with mild trepidation that we approach the third series of BEING HUMAN, especially after its last, frustratingly uneven, outing.

Though it began as a fairly understated comedy drama about the everyday trials of a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost sharing a house in modern Britain, it evolved into something far more histrionic, losing some of its charm in the process. Being Human always works best on a smaller, more intimate scale, rather than as an overcooked melodrama.

It remains to be seen if writer Toby Whithouse can curb those tendencies this time. Having forced his characters to flee from the dangers of their old life in Bristol to begin anew in Barry, Wales, feels, potentially at least, like a deliberate attempt to start again from scratch.

The latest series begins where the last left off, with sexy vampire Mitchell and nerdy werewolf George trying to rescue klutzy ghost Annie from purgatory.

Luckily, she can communicate with her earthbound friends via TV and radio sets, which wasn't even an original idea when used in Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes.

Also, I'm increasingly irked by the mannered, faux-awkward performances of Russell Tovey as George and Sinead Keenan as his lupine girlfriend. Given that George is supposed to be one of Being Human's most endearing characters, it doesn't help that Tovey often plays him as a squealing miscegenation of Martin Freeman and Ricky Gervais at his most irritating.

Nevertheless, this passable opener effectively re-establishes the premise for newcomers while setting up an intriguing new story arc. It also introduces two new characters destined to return throughout the series, a father and son werewolf duo played by Robson Green and Michael Socha.

Press play for a video review of Ep.1 Being Human Season Three by @CuriosityRocks - spoiler alert!

23-1-2011 tomOdaighre:‎ Being Human is pretty excellent. Apart from the bits where Russell Tovey 'acts'.

Editorial reply:

Dear Mr O'Daighre,

Many is the time I wish you would hold a plastic bag over your own head, then you'd be able to look in a mirror and see the same shade of green that we can see in your envy.

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