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Above: Sharon Horgan, Russell Tovey and Davis Cross in the pilot of The Adventures of Todd Margret.

Birthday boy is off to meet the wizard…the wonderful wizard…

mrchrissullivan: What an awful day! No more rain please!

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan only a couple of weeks until you hit the Oz sub tropics and sunshine!

mrchrissullivan: @Tom_In_Oz_ cant wait!

Above: Hollie with Russell Tovey – Hollie is friends with Russell and Chris and the gang and has just arrived on Twitter!

mrchrissullivan: everyone follow our lesbian @HollieN26 !

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan @HollieN26 Hi Chris it's a balmy 25c here tonight in Oz with full moon on ocean front and BTW hello Hollie from Tom in Oz.

mrchrissullivan: @Julie_Atherton I'm coming to see you with the mothership on Tuesday! will you be around for a swift beer after? xx
mrchrissullivan: @sarapascoe def comin this week - it's my B'day - are you in central tonight?? x

Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan Chris I have birthday soon too on 26th Feb. Pisces get along with Scorpios. My wife has same birthday as @russelltovey xxx
Julie_Atherton: @mrchrissullivan always! X

mrchrissullivan: @Julie_Atherton woohoo - and friendly reminder of Soho tonight if you're about for my Bday xx
Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan HAVE A GOOD ONE Chris and you don't look a day over 45. xxx Tom
mrchrissullivan: Bitch!!
Tom_In_Oz_: @mrchrissullivan That's not an insult - this is an insult - "Yo muvver!"

mrchrissullivan: RT @KimberlyPops: @mrchrissullivan A very Happy Birthday to you, have a blinder!! Lots of luv xxxx” thanks Kimberly - hope to go blind !

mrchrissullivan: @boydhilton are you in town later sir?

mrchrissullivan: Treating myself to an hour full body massage at relax in Soho - de stress ready for tonight!
boydhilton: @mrchrissullivan Hopefully I can be later on - let me know where you'll be. And happy birthday in advance!

Julie_Atherton: @mrchrissullivan I'll call u when I'm done to see where u are!!! Xxx
danieldinev92: @russelltovey i was just wandering :D are you invited to prince William's wedding?
russelltovey: @danieldinev92 yes x no
russelltovey: RT @Red_Nose_Day11: @russelltovey PleaseRT & follow: Donating £1 per 100 followers.. we also have a just giving page:

MatthewCainC4: What is my twin @russelltovey doing on twitter so late at night...?

russelltovey: @MatthewCainC4 on the night bus home with gay Chris, been out for his birthday... Now going home to Our little girl x my twin x

MatthewCainC4: @russelltovey Oh I love our little girl. Give her a big cuddle from me. I miss her so much. But am coming home to Nelly Park soon my twin x

Hidden extras!

t0mk1ng: @Tom_In_Oz_ Have you seen the extras on the Him & Her dvd?

Tom_In_Oz_: @t0mk1ng yes mate why do you ask?
t0mk1ng: @Tom_In_Oz_ I only just saw them but thought they were brilliant.
Tom_In_Oz_: @t0mk1ng definitely and if you put into computer, one disk has some PC extras! xxx
t0mk1ng: @Tom_In_Oz_ Really? How does that work???
Tom_In_Oz_: @t0mk1ng try it!


PalmerAlan: @russelltovey Look!

(See picture above).
russelltovey: @PalmerAlan hot!!! X
PalmerAlan: @russelltovey test your fanbase by re-tweeting & seeing if you get some sent to you...
katehillsdon: @russelltovey. Hello, I'm new to you. *waves*

russelltovey: @katehillsdon hi! X
fadeupyoursmile: @russelltovey Saw this in the Toy museum in Edinburgh, it reminded me of a certain Who episode!
(See photo below)
russelltovey: @fadeupyoursmile he he ha x

russelltovey: RT @DEEPFATT: @russelltovey too funny but your still sexy
(See pictures above and below)
6 degrees of separation…

thefattony: Just finished DJing at fire and I'm loving this rain I'm on my way home to bed !

ArthurDavies38: @thefattony good night Tony x

thefattony: @ArthurDavies38 thanks sweetheart enjoy your day !

Tom_In_Oz_: @thefattony @ArthurDavies38 I had no idea you two knew each other...twitter brings all manner of folks together eh?

ArthurDavies38: @Tom_In_Oz_ BACK IN THE 1950'S I used to worship Tony in clubland, we have yet to meet in person xx @thefattony

Tom_In_Oz_: @ArthurDavies38 @thefattony I have some old bootlegs 12" from clubland I was a working dj in the 1980s-90s...6 degrees of separation

thefattony: @ArthurDavies38 in the 1950s ?

ArthurDavies38: @thefattony I was joking xx

Above: Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey in Being Human S.3 Ep.4 - The Cage.

Below: Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow, Sinead Keenan and Russell Tovey in Being Human S.3 Ep.4 - The Cage.

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Robert Lindsay has returned to the West End stage to star in the title role of Martin Sherman’s new play 'ONASSIS' the story of the last years in the life of Aristotle Onassis, and of his passionate and interwoven relationships with Jackie Kennedy, Maria Callas, and his son Alexandros.

VIP guests were invited to the opening night at Novello Theatre on the Tuesday, 12th October 2010; Russell Tovey, Tom Chambers, Cynthia Lennon, Marie Helvin, Tamara Beckwith, Dame Joan Bakewell, Richard Wilson, Stephanie Beacham, Honor Blackman, Sheila Hancock OBE, and Shirley Eaton.
Photos on the evening were provided by David Jensen

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Toves doin’...
What a Toves should do!


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