Monday, June 21, 2010


Russell T. Davies is developing a US version of Torchwood, a move which will leave fans either giddy or aghast – but probably not too shocked.

The BBC has announced that Torchwood is to return for a fourth series. The sci-fi drama, which is a spinoff to Doctor Who, will air a ten-part run following an international partnership between the corporation and US premium network Starz Entertainment. Russell T Davies will continue to write the series. It has also been revealed that plots are to go beyond Cardiff to locations worldwide. Russell T Davies has relocated to Los Angeles, and Torchwood looks to be going with him. It makes all kinds of sense, too. Davies's official line was always that he had plans for a fourth series, but that it's harder than ever to raise the funds, hence going to America. This is the point where you'd expect Torchwood fans to cry heresy – except that Davies's move makes perfect sense. Torchwood has been a hit for BBC America and the show has always been a divinely malleable thing. So where can it go? At the end of Children Of Earth, Ianto was dead, Gwen was pregnant and a tortured Jack teleported himself into exile. We last saw him on Doctor 10's 'farewell tour', sidling up to Midshipman Frame (Russell Tovey) in that intergalactic dive bar. None of this will be an accident; RTD is famously a cheerleader for Russell Tovey – was this all part of a master plan to launch his favourite young actor on a US TV career? And give US TV a sci-fi gay relationship all of its own? We mustn't forget the pedantic thing; that the Torchwood Institute was founded by Queen Victoria (during Dr Who werewolf episode Tooth And Claw) to protect the British Empire from the alien threat. It could have no mandate in the US, which means we'll surely get all manner of topical digs about the military "special relationship". But if Jack and Alonso do return to Earth to fight more aliens, what would you like to see - the global expansion of Torchwood to NZ or Australia possibly, Russell Tovey is big down ender? Or have I called this whole thing completely wrong? And – if Davies pulls this off – at least Russell Tovey will finally get the recognition due.

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