Saturday, June 12, 2010


A Russell Tovey screen cap from a scene which was used in the pilot and then kept for the TV series of Being Human. This is one of the explanatory shots of George Sands (Russell) and his walking companion in Scotland after they were attacked by Lee Tully the werewolf. Lee kills the companion but George survives. This scene goes so quickly it was hard to do a screen cap...but that has never stopped me from trying...

Tully comes forward in episode two to give George (Russell Tovey) info on coping with his werewolf condition. Tully is also lurking in the woods in episode one of the first series and helps out in series two with his eye-spy cryptic clue....

Screen cap of George Sands (Russell Tovey) looking at his mauled companion in the
Being Human flashback which explains how George became a werewolf.

I just like this next shot it's one where George (Russell Tovey) just looks astonished....which kinda happens a lot!

I might say Russ would make a great Toby Jug...has anyone contacted Royal Doulton? Toves wanted a werewolf action figure for the young ones but the Toby Jug could be for the mature connoisseur. It would be simply named the "Tovey Jug"!

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