Sunday, June 20, 2010


June 20 2010: The Edinburgh Film Festival continues to throw on the world premieres and parties. On the red carpet yesterday, the cast and crew of Huge, a British drama about comedy. (Pictured: star Johnny Harris chats to the crowd while Ben Miller, festival organiser Hannah McGill and Jason Isaacs pose for the paparazzi.)

Ben Miller's Huge reviews are trickling through:

1-Lovely, talented Russell Tovey's role in Huge is all too fleeting, but as ever, his believability was breathtaking. At the beginning of the film Noel Clarke's character is working as a waiter in a Greek restaurant and has a nice moment of chemistry with co-worker Cindy. It's then revealed that Cindy is going out with the manager of the restaurant (Russell Tovey) who is, of course, an utter bastard of the first order. At this point you think "Oh good, Clarke's eventually going to win her away from the bastard Tovey", but no!

2-Miller may be subtly shifting into film making, but he's clearly at the centre of the British comedy world, judging by the cameos in Huge from many leading lights and Edinburgh fixtures such as Simon Day, Eddie Izzard, Jo Brand, Sally Phillips, Frank Skinner, Stephen K Amos and Russell Tovey. Huge is among the contenders for the Michael Powell award for best new British feature.

3-The Illusionist and Ben Miller's directing debut, Huge, are two of the gems...

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