Tuesday, June 22, 2010


At present series two of Being Human is underway in America and Australia and the following is a recent American review, if you want an Oz review just keep searching back to post No.18.

USA Review:

Series two on BBC America: Being Human tackles the unenviable task of presenting a show about the supernatural as serious drama, and cast and crew do an exemplary job of it. The show is genuine and moving, alternately hilarious and heartbreaking. The small but mighty cast features the adorable and engaging Sinead Keenan as nurse and recently-turned werewolf Nina, Russell Tovey, who is brilliant as werewolf George, commanding and handsome Irishman Aidan Turner as Mitchell, the brooding vampire, and the glorious Lenora Crichlow as Annie, the ghost.

If I had one small complaint about series two, it was that it kept the three principals: Annie, George, and Mitchell, apart too often, and I feel most of the show's magic comes from interaction among the three of them. However, that's a small complaint indeed; for the most part I find Being Human enjoyable and riveting television, and I give it an A+.

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