Saturday, July 24, 2010


24-7-2010 ComicCon "Twitter Report" tweet by tweet from TakenByTheWind:


Moderator totally did not make it through introducing Aidan Turner before people started screaming. YAY whole cast is here. :D :D :D

Russell Tovey's facial expressions while Toby Whithouse talks about developing the characters == hilarious.

UNF, Aidan Turner. HELLO THERE.

Russell's talking about how Sinead didn't believe him that everyone here would have seen S2 by now even if BBCA hasn't aired it yet, hee.

Russell re: George. "Well, he's alive. The other two are dead." Lenora and Aidan: *look at him all mock-WTFy*

I do wish the people sitting behind me, however, would SHUT UP AND STOP TALKING ABOUT TWILIGHT DURING THIS, WTF.

Lenora is complaining playfully about Aidan, who keeps trying to distract her . "You're such an attention seeker, Turner!" SO CUTE.

Also I sighed very loudly and it turned into a freakish sort of growl and they've been oddly quiet ever since.

Russell: "The [fake] blood tastes all right. It's minty!" And now it's Q&A time. Oh lord.

Oh god. "For the American remake, if you could change anything what would you change?" Aidan: "HIS NAME. " Bwah.

Russell: "Their George should be less attractive than me. I think it would help the show a lot. I think he should be naked throughout."

Lenora: "I think Annie should have straight hair and not wear grey... if she pulls off [that look] better than I do..."

Sinead: Nina should have a cuter nurse's outfit (missed the rest in the laughter).

Q to Toby: What's Nina's neurosis? Russell: "She's the fourth member of ABBA." Toby: Her choice in men. (Russell gives him a Look now.)

Someone came up to the mike and said "we wouldn't download it illegally if you released it here sooner." Um. AWKWARD.

Some fairly awkward babbling? Couldn't quite make it out through the audience sounds of discomfort.

Q to Russell: Chance of seeing him on Torchwood? "Don't know. No idea." He gets asked that a lot. (Also never watched Torchwood.) RIPOFF

Cast does not feel like it's in direct competition with the remake. And Russell just made us do the wave. IDEK.

They're being very diplomatic about the US remake; Toby saying it won't affect the UK version at all, "remain completely distinct."

OMFG I hate it when people ask questions and address the actors as their characters like they can't tell the difference.

Russell and Sinead playfully trash-talking each other from opposite ends of the table while Lenora and Aidan crack the fuck up.


Additional Tweets:

Russell Tovey on Sinead's acting: "Surely she deserves an Emmy."

Russell Tovey: "Sinead's a Comic-Con virgin. She's got her chastity ring on."

Russell Tovey: "Every other scene it seems I'm crying - or naked."

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