Sunday, July 11, 2010


Dr Who Christmas Confidential

In 2007 when Voyage of The Damned was aired on the BBC, afterward they played an uncut Dr Who Confidential, which has not appeared on commercial DVD. The commercial versions on DVD for most of the Dr Who Confidentials are called "cut down" versions. The original 2007 long version had segments where Russell Tovey was able to talk about some of his work. Here are 6 screen caps from the uncut confidential. I thank Russell Tovey Net for placing these on their site.

Here is another of Russell's radio plays you may have missed...

Russell Tovey in Last Night Another Soldier

Posted by Scott Matthewman on July 31, 2009

The Saturday Play: Last Night, Another Soldier… Radio 4, Saturday 1st Aug 2.30pm

Bravo Two Zero author Andy McNab has penned this tale of Briggsy, an 18-year-old soldier just three weeks in to his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Injured during his first contact with the Taliban, his encounters with his fellow troops help him understand the lasting effects of war. Russell Tovey stars as Briggsy.

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