Thursday, May 26, 2011


"The Almost People"

Above: Russell Tovey narrates Dr Who Confidential "The Almost People"

a real stinker
russelltovey: The man in front of me in the queue to collect my parcel from royal mail freaking stank... It's incredible how angry smells can make you? X

russelltovey: And people behind me were asking me kindly to move up and close the gap in the queue, I had my fleece up over my nose... H.I.d.e.o.u.s x

russelltovey: “@sarah_j_gale: @russelltovey what did he smell of? Sweat? Poo? Loneliness? Desperation?” all of the above!!!!! X

russelltovey: “@mmm_gash: @russelltovey I used to serve the smelliest people in Tesco. One was so bad that I vommed on the till.” amazing!!! X

Benbo17: @russelltovey i followed a stinky woman with screaming kids around asda,so I dropped a can of sure and a pack of durex in her trolley #hint

russelltovey: @Benbo17 :-) x

easily_led: @russelltovey please retweet our love to @TomDaley1994. His dad lost his battle to cancer last night. So sad. :( xo

russelltovey: @easily_led that is so sad... Poor lad x

easily_led: @russelltovey His dad was so proud of him. Loved that programme about them both last year. Hope yr okay tho mate? x

CalvinBygrave: Also, one of the best #peopleiveseenlive on stage was @russelltovey in The Miracle at The Royal Court in 2009.

russelltovey: @CalvinBygrave gee thanks ;) x

ragingoodfella: @CalvinBygrave i saw @russelltovey in 'A Miracle' and his ball fell out his boxers when he was on the bed. made my night! & the whole rows

russelltovey: Olives are good for you right??? X

russelltovey: “@mmm_gash: @russelltovey We sell them at Nando's, so I assume so! Get 'em down you.” that's exactly where I am eating them! X

mrsdextrose: Twitter suggesting I follow Russell Tovey. If I couldn't be bothered to stare at him in a restaurant why would I want to read his Tweets?

RoniGrace: @russelltovey sure.... oh, and Olive you!!! X #ImADork

russelltovey: @RoniGrace :-) x

TropiCalShaw: @russelltovey yes mate. they are full of lubricating fats that keep you supple. I know this. But don't know how.

russelltovey: @TropiCalShaw interesting.... X

TropiCalShaw:@russelltovey it's why elderly Mediterranean women are capable of marvellous feats of gymnastics.

RhiannonBerri: @russelltovey If you were a doughnut would you be jam or custard?

russelltovey: @RhiannonBerri I'd be ringed x

RhiannonBerri: @russelltovey Ooo la la! ;) By the way I bought a postcard with your face on it today :) ENJOY YOUR NANDO'S XX

russelltovey: @RhiannonBerri did ya? Hahaha x

RhiannonBerri: @russelltovey Haha I realise that sounded creepy, I bought it at Collectormania today along with Mitchell and Annie ;) Love you long time! X

SDC1964: @mmm_gash if @russelltovey even new I existed I'd be happy all day let alone 2 tweets. #jealousasfuck xx

russelltovey: @SDC1964 don't be jealous Steve! :-) x

SDC1964: @russelltovey Thanks Russell, you've made my day & my bf will be so impressed, he's a huge fan, might even get him on twitter!



Tom_In_Oz_: Dear all, to all those who have wished us well today on the impending nuptials of my daughter - A BIG THANK YOU XXXX

jkirkland1977: @Tom_In_Oz_ good luck enjoy!!!

toniannmh: @RussTov_FanSite Congrats. Happy Day for you!

Bcgkelly: @Tom_In_Oz_ I hope u have a great day. B

NeatFreak_: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Have a wonderful day xx

GlennCoco01: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey ooooo lucky daughter

pennyinlv: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congratulations and best wishes to her! Hope you enjoy the day as well.

depecherox: @Tom_In_Oz_ congrats!!

Lionesskeeper: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congrats Tom ^_^

Lindsey_Viner: @Tom_In_Oz_ hope the wedding is Fab-u-lous!!! :) x

KnaveoG: @Tom_In_Oz_ Now on the day of your daughters wedding, will you a) Get a little drunk. or b) Get a room where the guests come to ask favours?

Tom_In_Oz_: @KnaveoG Thanks old boy x

KnaveoG: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congratulations and you never said A or B

Tom_In_Oz_: @KnaveoG I don't drink and I don't do favours so what choice do I have ???

Knaveog: @Tom_In_Oz_ That would be a problem c) Instruct son in law on new etiquette now he's part of the family d) Have moment of didn't we do well.

Tom_In_Oz_: @KnaveoG I can say he's already part of the family and so I go with c) we should be able to have that one xxx

KnaveoG: @Tom_In_Oz_ Good choice.

Ishbel_Haf: @Tom_In_Oz_ Wishing you & the happy couple all the very best for tomorrow. Rain or shine it'll be a fantastic day. xx

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congratulations on the impending happy day! You must post a pic of the gathering, tho.

jonesyinc1: @Tom_In_Oz_ congrats mister!!! You'll do her proud!! She's lucky to have a pa like you! Cx

angloirishgal: @Tom_In_Oz_ Aww that's lovely *sniffs again*..all the very best to your daughter and new son-in-law tomorrow. We'll want pics you know!xx

NoNoNannette30: @Tom_In_Oz_ Best wishes tomorrow!!! Your tweets show how proud you are, and how much she is loved! Congratulations!

Fox_Mullder: @Tom_In_Oz_ awww bliss x

Hippychick68: @Tom_In_Oz_ How lovely. Hope you all have a fabulous day. Congratulations to your daughter & husband-to-be :-)

alidanbrooks: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hope you all have a wonderful time xx They keep you young when you have them early :)

sage_from_oz: @Tom_In_Oz_ All the best for tomorrow. I hope your daughter has a wonderful day.

FoxyLorri64: to wish your daughter a wonderful Wedding Day @Tom_In_Oz_ all the very best to the Bride & Groom :O).Have a superb day. Lots of Love xx

drunkkath: @Tom_In_Oz_ v exciting! big kisses! enjoy! x

AustinFx4: @Tom_In_Oz_ congrats!

WDMDLD: @Tom_In_Oz_ Congratulations the big day is finally here! Hope it’s as wonderful as you & the happy couple envision.

webwhore: @Tom_In_Oz_ Hope your daughter has a beautiful day tomorrow and becomes even more happy as the years pass. Best wishes to you all Tom :)

All Saints Church Woodville Hunter Valley NSW

Tom_In_Oz_: The wedding car was an Austin Princess built in 1958. It was THE car The Beatles used on their 1964 Oz tour xx

Mavro_Arni: @Tom_In_Oz_ Wow, a beauty. And built the same year you and I were.

AustinFx4: @Tom_In_Oz_ excellent choice in cars. The Austin princess is a classic.


stephenfry: Hamlet! the Musical at the Richmond was infectiously insanely enjoyable. Somehow contrived to be true to Hamlet and to be blissfully funny.

JackShalloo: RT @RussTov_FanSiteRussell: @stephenfry is this the production with the wonderful @JackShalloo ??

MatthewCainC4: Off to see London Road at National Theatre with @russelltovey and intrigued. A musical about Ipswich murders could be a total disaster...

Tom_In_Oz_: @MatthewCainC4 @russelltovey nope sounds fun x

russelltovey: London Road at the National Theatre is sooooooo brilliant x

agapanth: @russelltovey wave at @bendanielsss he's there too.

valetudocage: @russelltovey glad you liked it.

duncanwatt: @russelltovey it is a bit good isn't it. Wait till tomorrow when you will wake up singing, begonias & petunias and impatience & things...

AntBrennan: SPOTTED: @russelltovey walking the streets of vauxhall - Looking Good!

SLushCCool: @russelltovey Having fun at the Eagle?

jodieharsh: Who run the world?

russelltovey: @jodieharsh girl x

jodieharsh: @russelltovey thats right girl x

leo_richardson: by all accounts it looks like my new play could be on in September for four weeks..

russelltovey: @leo_richardson incred Hun congrats x x x

leo_richardson: @boydhilton @russelltovey @camdengiles thank you honey's x x x keep you all up to speed when i know it's on for deffo.

russelltovey: My farts smell of French fries x

SineadKeenan: @russelltovey Better than how they used to smell sweet cheeks! Xxx

russelltovey: RT @ChisenhaleGal: Congratulations to Linder on her show at Stuart Shave/Modern Art. Open from today - 24 June

Tom_In_Oz_: It's the end of an era for OPRAH but it's been revealed she used a body double for the last 7 years @russelltovey pic courtesy of @Edward_George_

joooos1: @Tom_In_Oz_ @russelltovey Ha ha!

simonpjbest: @Tom_In_Oz_ That is just disturbing.

russelltovey: Just met someone who is 34 and describes himself as middle aged!!! Wtf? X

Mavro_Arni: @russelltovey 34 used to be middle-aged when we only lived to be 50-60. Now more like 45-ish. I had my Pagan eldering ceremony at 50.

AubreyEMiller: @russelltovey you are only as old as you feel so stop hanging around feeling old men, it's simple xxxxx lol

russelltovey: HOT x

wabbit89: @russelltovey I'm 35. Some days I'm middle-aged. Others? I'm old. For still others, I am but a mere child. Fortunately, the latter prevail.

jonesyinc1: Hmm! I've noticed quite a few gorgeous topless men in my timeline - what does this say about me? Answers on a postcard.....

RussTov_FanSite: @jonesyinc1 It says you are a gay man who ignores all the sane people on twitter and only looks at men with tatts and nipple rings xxx

jonesyinc1: @RussTov_FanSite and that's wrong because.......? Lol! Cc

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