Saturday, July 17, 2010


London Film and ComicCon 2010 held Earls Court 2 London

Even before the punters arrived Russell and Lenora were in setting up ready for a very hectic day - Sat 17th July 2010. You can see their large BH promo photos hanging on the back wall to indicate to fans where to line-up.Things started a bit late for the BH team as Aidan was running behind schedule on the day.

Twitter from ComicCon:

17.7.2010 pitythebackseat: Russell tovey is the sweetest! Loooove him, he's so good with fans!

17.7.2010 smittyonline: Currently at a real geekfest. Funniest thing heard so far "Russell Tovey! Russell Tovey! My mum will be so jealous!"

17.7.2010 Dreamingofawolf: Russell Tovey is an absolute love! Even more adorable in the flesh. I want to take him home!

17-7-2010 lifefrommyworld: I met Russell Tovey!

18.7.2010 rawimatimelord: So, yesterday was the best day of my life. I went to London Film Comic Con and went to a Being Human talk in which we sat in the front row of. The whole Being Human gang (minus Sinead) were there and I got my picture taken with Aidan. I was doing a little excited happy dance in my chair and Russell spotted me, grinned, and joined in. So, we sat in our chairs dancing. Then, there was a Q&A session and I asked a question which all three answered. Who knew an hour could make a brilliant day the best day of my whole life!

Some fan snaps...

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