Tuesday, July 27, 2010


The Tweets We Twitter

therealberkie: Ha! Naked ass doesn't bother me too much. & it's hilarious whenever George gets all high-pitched & screamy. Lenora is freaking adorable! & Russell Tovey is adorkable as George.

PsykoUK: Russell Tovey is a wicked man actor.

SugarrTown: I watched the first episode of Being Human (finally) while at the gym and I do like it. Russell Tovey, that's all I've got to say

UnsentWords: I think people automatically assume that when they see an M rating it will be smut. But now most fics are smut

kausingkayn: After watching 3 epis of Being Human, I've decided that I somehow managed to keep Tovey perfectly in character throughout my fanfic.

Eeee he's fookin' adorable!!! *hugs Tovey* Now just stay away from Jack, okay?

Hurm: Being Human stole a subplot about werewolves and losing control during sex from my Siri/Remi fanfic

We are ignoring the fact that Being Human was around 2 years before I wrote this fic. Shut up

Also, Russell Tovey is still fookin' adorable

I know, right?!?!?!?! Wait for epi 3 for George to finally get what he deserves

Amuly21: Oh my gosh, Tovey squeaks so cute. I don't even know what to do with myself when he squeaks. I just...dissolve.

kausingkayn: cough cough maybe cough cough

UNNFFFF: want to ship these boys so hard!!!!!

Awww now he's wearing terrible shirts. Dawww

Overwhelmed by the sudden urge to look up scary amounts of George/Mitchell slash. Waii~~ Too many fandoms..

Ewakey: so now I’ve met Aidan Turner and Russell Tovey, I should probably watch being human again right?

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