Friday, July 30, 2010


Russell Tovey at IMDb

Various messages from Russell Tovey IMDb chat:

gilliard: I just watched the Dr. Who episode "Voyage of the Damned". Russell had a fairly good role, but every time he was on screen, I would think "Wow, he's really, really hot!" for our side!

Dawlishlad: OK this sounds really sad and I'm not a stalker or maniac but here goes...Since seeing Russell Tovey in Being Human, I've had this irrational attraction towards him, one of my friends has met him a few times, so I suggested he set up a stealthy drink but hasn't seen him for ages so that was a non-starter...Then I was out a few weeks ago and he was in the same bar and I really wanted to say 'hello' but realised how stupid that would be...hmmm, so bearing in mind this is completely ridiculas and adults shouldn't have silly crushes on people they see on am I going to get to meet him...God that sounds insane...but hey!

DrakeMadEyeWeasley: Attitude article and he is definatley gay and in a relationship. Seems very relaxed and comfortable about his sexuality, and doesn't want it to be a big deal. It is a shame that more young gay men in the public eye don't feel so secure.

rastablasta: Yeah he is gay. Also his boyfriend is a policeman.

Dj Finker: I know his parents and Russell very well, and all his family are completly comfortable with his sexuallity, his mum loves it to death because she doesn't stop talking about what Russell's been up to.

nina_glyndwr: Ah, drat. And here's me hoping I'd have a chance...*sigh*. He is just SO DAMNED CUTE. A sort of Matt Damon sort of face, a nice figure, and a damned great actor. I am now going to go to a darkened room and cry...*sigh*

hbrackett: Boy, do I agree. I'd wrestle an alligator just to have a beer and a 15 minute conversation with him. I'm gay, so I have a 1 in 3 billion shot. A movie idea: I'd like to see Russell in something with Simon Pegg. Maybe a hot tub.

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