Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Rounding up this week's Tweets & responding to a complaint!

4-8-2010 lissa_angeline: This series of Being Human has got the BEST lines for Russell Tovey. It's so very awesome.

4-8-2010 sarahhh713: Haha my mom thinks Russell Tovey is so cute. He is adorable, I agree.

4-8-2010 Joyabella: Russell Tovey is like the Dawson's Creek Jack of Being Human. He cries in like every darn episode.

4-8-2010 3dana: OMG they just went to a ad of 'Being Human' with Russell Tovey, how do we feel about him as a romantic interest for our Jack?


jordanc: What. What. What. Syfy is making a US version of 'Being Human.' But... but... Russell Tovey! I won't watch without him!

4-8-2010 REMMONDS: Russell Tovey and Benedict Cumberbatch in the same episode of Marple, heaven!

4-8-2010 amyleona: Russell Tovey on Ashes to Ashes. :D


kellimcgowan: Finally watched the S2 premiere of Being Human. Russell Tovey and Sinead Keenan are incredible. Wow.

4-8-2010 aronoel619: Flattered that Tom in Oz a Russell Tovey fan would use my pic, slightly offended that I was cropped out and Lenora was too. Tom in Oz - I'm sorry, but thought that without your permission, it may have offended you more to post your picture here....anyway, have rectified situation. Here they, and you are, in all your glory!

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